Another look at the Buhari, Trump phone call By Philip Agbese

In a  major boost to his global acceptability, President Muhammadu Buhari had a phone call with President of the United States, Donald J Trump. That meeting has reversed years of travesty as Trump committed to helping Nigeria’s military by the hardware needed for fight fighting terrorism. Not only has his predecessor refused to sell arms to Nigeria, he also blocked other willing nations from doing so, citing right abuses that were never proven beyond reasonable doubts.
Reuben Abati: A visit to the Gusau institute

The road to Kaduna from Abuja was horrific. I had been told that the journey would take no more than one and a half hours, and I had set out early for a 9 am appointment as scheduled, but I didn’t get to Kaduna until four hours later. There were too many potholes on the road, too many terrible encounters, too many tanker and lorry drivers threatening to run into other vehicles or push them off the road, too many motorcyclists competing for space with vehicles, stupidly driving in the middle of the expressway, posing a menace. I felt as if I was on an expressway to Hell. The air conditioner in the car made no difference.

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