Films key to strategic information management for peaceful co-existence – Specialist

Films key to strategic information management for peaceful co-existence – Specialist
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Mr Manfred Nzekwe, the Senior Special Adviser to Enugu State Governor on Tourism matters, says films are key to strategic information management for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.

Nzekwe told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that films would play a critical role as a tool for propaganda in uniting the nation.

He said that films have great impact on children and teenagers, and to some extent on the adult mind.

“Everything we watch and listen to affects and influences us at some level and if not consciously, leaves its traces in our psyche.

“Films affect our behavioural patterns in so many ways; in fact in 60 per cent of the cases, negative films are responsible for encouraging criminal tendencies and increased negative moral beliefs.

“Worse hit are the young ones, whose minds are immature and can easily be influenced by what they see.

“Also the unlettered adults who do not know the facts and have no analytical mind, and therefore are easily influenced,” he explained.

Nzekwe liken a film to a monologue delivered to an audience with a view to inform, influence, entertain and educate the viewers, therefore, it was critical to information management.

However, he appealed to film producers to make films that would promote peace, unity and oneness of the country.

“Producers of films; be it in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba or any other language, should show story lines that will effectively manage, disseminate information that will promote a peaceful Nigerian society.

“Our producers should work to make films that will create awareness about the real socio-economic and political state of the nation.

“Films that will stress the importance of education, government policies, brotherly love and the evils of drug abuse, sexual perversion and alcoholism, among others, should be encouraged.

“Socially enlightening films help strengthen moral beliefs and influence thought process in positive ways, which in turn lead to a more credible and peaceful society generally,’’ the aide said.