Hajj 2016: Saudi Authority counsels pilgrims women

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The women pilgrims performing hajj exercise in Saudi Arabia have been advised to avoid roaming about under the scorching sun of the country, as it may affect their health and this may hinder their efficiency during the performance of hajj rites ahead of them.

The Establishment of Mutawifs for Pilgrims of Africa Non-Arab Countries Representative, Hajia Jamilah Natar, gave the advice while checking on the well-being of pilgrims women from Ogun State at their state house in Makkah.

She said the establishment had been going round to various pilgrims’ residents to ascertain the welfare of the women and their health conditions, stating that the agency was in saddle with the responsibility of general well-being of the people both male and female Muslim pilgrims performing this year hajj.

Hajia Natar pleaded with women to always keep their environment clean in order to avoid any contagious diseases, which may affect their state of health and eventually preventing or weighing them down from achieving their objective in the holy land.

“Due to unfriendly weather here in Saudi Arabia presently, I implore you to please imbibe the acts of drinking water regularly as this will prevent ailments and diseases which may hinder your active performance of your hajj rites”, she said.

Hajia Natar emphatically concluded by enunciating the importance of hajj and counselled women to abstain away from all sort of vices and negativities that can negate tenets of hajj rites.

Hence, they should fear Allah as He should be feared by doing what Allah enjoined them to do and abstain completely from what He has forbidding them, so as to achieve “hajj mabroor”, (perfect hajj), which according to the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), has no other reward except “Al-janat” (Paradise).