New generation farmers meet to develop pig farming in Nigeria

New generation farmers meet to develop pig farming in Nigeria
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The Association of Pig Promoters in Nigeria (APPN), a group comprised of new generation farmers, on has chatted ways to improve pig farming and pork production in Nigeria.

Themed ‘Piggery: A Viable Tool for Wealth Creation,’ the event, which marked the association’s first anniversary in Lagos.

The anniversary also served as an opportunity to educate and enlighten members on the pig farming, as experts shared knowledge on relevant issues and aspects of the business.

Vice Chairman of Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association in Ogun State, Dr. Taiwo Jolaoso, who delivered a discourse titled ‘Acceptable Use of Antibiotics’ commended the farmers for coming together to promote pig production in Nigeria. He noted that the forum was timely because Nigeria has realised the needs to focus on agriculture.

In his lecture Dr. Jolaoso cautioned that antibiotics should not be used on animal and man indiscriminately, as it could lead to antibiotics resistance. “When resistance occur you can no longer guarantee the safety or health of the animals. And farmers are prone to contact the disease since they touch and eat the meat,” he noted.

He explained that when farmers take proper care of their animal and employ well-trained farm workers, fewer drugs are needed to raise healthy livestock.

Speaking further, Dr. Jolaoso advised young people want to venture into farming to acquire adequate knowledge before starting the business. This, he said, would help the farmer to make informed decisions that will yield fruitful results.

The initiator the association, Mr. Owolabi Femi, recalled that the group started in 2015 as a WhatsApp forum with only four members. Thereafter, it grew to form APPN, which now comprises about 400 members from across Nigeria.

He said: “Pig production is a thriving business now. We look towards having a forum in the east of Nigeria in order to bring on board other pig farmers in there. The forum is to educate, enlighten and share knowledge of the business with young farmers.”

As tips for young people who are interested in pig production, Owolabi said: “Pig farming is a viable business for wealth creation, but anyone going into pig farming has to decide the aspect of pig farming, whether fattening or breeding or combination of both. Then, look at the cost implication of starting the particular aspect of the business. The person must also ensure adequate water supply to make the piggery tidy every time. Other factors to consider are the quality of feeds to give the animals and the level of skills of farm workers and management that look after the pigs.”

Chairman of APPN, Mr. Oladipupo Shofowora, said: “Agriculture in Nigeria is taking a new dimension. That is why we have new generation of farmers like APPN coming together form a major stakeholder in pig farming and pork production in Nigeria.

He described APPN as a group of educated and enlightened farmers working closely with government to further improve the pig farming and pork production in Nigeria. While explaining the numerous health benefits of pork over red meat, Shofowora said pork as white meat is healthier and builds antibodies, so its consumption must be encouraged.

Member of Board of Trustees, APPN, Mr. Adeniyi Adegbolahan, used the occasion to call on state and federal government to further support pig farmers in areas of infrastructure, loans, reliable source of feeds and the development of the industry. He also presented a lecture titled ‘Feeding and Health Management for Profitable Pig Production.’

Other speakers at the event were Mr. Niyi Adeleye, who spoke on ‘Practical Experience in Breeding,’ while Mr. Lekan Ajirotutu discussed ‘Planning a Successful Piggery Venture: What to Look out for.’ Also at the forum, Mr. Sonekan Babatunde, Head, Quality Control, Laboratory, Ministry of Agriculture, Lagos State, highlighted the efforts of state government in developing agriculture.

According to APPN, state chapters will be set up states across the country and they will operate in line with rules and regulations of the national body, which is run by the Board of Trustees.


  • Wow this is lovely , pork meat is one of the sweetest meats you can ever taste. Kudos to the organizers I wish more Nigerians can emulate this and embrace pork meat whixh is a cheaper alternative to red meat

  • Tina Otevwe

    It was a wonderful experience at the conference. Long live APPN, Long live Nigeria. Anyone who hasn’t tasted pork meat should do so. You will surely like it.

  • Lola Adigun

    Whao!, this is amazing. Pork meat is about the cheapest source of protein, embraced all over the world , rich in zinc and vitamin B. Nigerians need to Get Pork on their Fork.

  • Julius Akintayo

    Hnmmmm, the conference really broading my interest and experience in piggery.
    I never regret being a member of APPN bcos, its the right place for me at this moment.
    Kudos to the confrence organizers!
    Kudos to APPN!

  • deborah amure

    please, how can i be a register member of APPN.

  • Olumide olufemi

    What does it take to my a register member

  • Henry

    I am a potential Pig farmer and I would love to balance an active member. Please what does it takes?