Visa introduce Mobile Payment Solution to Consumers

Visa introduce Mobile Payment Solution to Consumers
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The global leader in payments, Visa Inc says it is bringing its mobile payments solution, mVisa to Nigeria.

The group country manager for Visa West Africa, Ade Ashaye, said it was in advanced discussions with leading Nigerian banks, and expects to roll the solution out with banking partners to Nigerian consumers before the end of 2016.

mVisa is an innovative mobile payments solution that allows consumers to pay for goods by scanning a QR code on a smart phone or entering a merchant number into their feature phones.

Payment goes straight from the consumer’s Visa account into the merchant’s account and provides real-time notification to both parties, he said.

mVisa is completely interoperable, meaning that the consumer and the merchant do not need to be customers of the same bank.

It can also be used to enable consumers who use different mobile phones and services to interact.

The Head of Retail Banking for Diamond Bank, Robert Giles, said “As a bank committed to bringing unrivalled customer experiences, we’re incredibly excited about mVisa and its potential for our customers in Nigeria.

Consumers can also use mVisa agents for domestic remittances as well as to access their cash if there is no ATM network, he said.

The service enables people to engage in secure, digital commerce, and access funds more easily in their bank accounts to make everyday purchases. mVisa increases the opportunity to include more Nigerians into the formal financial system, which will help the economy, and society grow”, Giles explained.


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mVisa will be available for both smartphone users and consumers using basic feature phones, with the potential to provide a mobile payment service to nearly all 150 million1 active mobiles phones in Nigeria.