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Zimbabwean Safari Lodge developer seeks $18m in debt, equity



Zimbabwean Safari Lodge developer seeks $18m in debt, equity

The Zimbabwean Safari Lodge Developer has said that there is need to raise USD$18 million through equity and debt to invest in its tourism and hospitality project.

The company disclosed this in a statement recently.

The company known as Kuhle Resorts (Pvt) Limited, revealed that it will be rolling out ten five-star lodges in the Victoria Falls area over the next three years.

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a significant growth region for global equity investors as opportunities in the region outperform traditional investment destinations. It represents a significant shift, considering that funds flow into the continent was mostly speculative only a decade ago.

Zimbabwean Safari Lodge developer seeks $18m in debt, equity

Ned Nedziwe, Chairman of Deicov Group, co-founder of Faye Foundation andco-founder of KWN Network

The shift aligns with the increasing size, liquidity and sophistication in many equity capital markets in Africa.

The traffic capacity of the Victoria Falls area is expected to double over the next five years. Currentlytourist arrivals in Victoria Falls are reported to be 1,9 million each year and this figure is expected to double over the next five years to close to 4 million arrivals each year. This forecasted growth is in part due to the expansion of the Victoria Falls International Airport to cater for more arrivals and increased investment in the development of the area. With the partnership of tour operators, Kuhle has projected an average occupancy rate of 70% from year four and expects to realize an optimum return of investment.


Investment Opportunity

Kuhle Resorts & Safari was established in 2013 with the primary aim to ensure ultimate guests’ experience and untamed excitement of Africa by promoting positive community outreach and eco-friendly tourism. Due to Kuhle’s beautiful future prospects, it seeks $18m in debt and equity to construct upmarket and exclusive Lodges in its various sites.

Each Lodge will consist of executive suites, four and two sleeper suites, a boma, kitchen and an administrative office. The high-class luxurious lodges will cater for high-income international, local and regional tourists seeking an exhilarating and authentic African safari experience. The lodges will be composed mainly of semi-permanent structures to conserve the natural environment and optimize the wild and wilderness components. The lodges will be built in a manner that provides optimum privacy in an exquisite and exclusive way.

The Investment is managed by Ned Nedziwe, a reputable icon in the Zimbabwe business arena.He is also chairman of Deicov Group (which operates in several African countries,co-founder of Faye Foundation andco-founder of KWN Network and has made valuable contributions to the development and growth of Zimbabwe.

Nedziwe said: “We are standing on a great vision to create an exceptional and sustainable African safari, the safari of a lifetime with a viable mission to contribute significantly towards conservation, economic growth and the social uplifting of our communities, while ensuring an excellent return on investment.”

He elaborates on the investment prospect of creating two types of lodges to be used at various Kuhle sites. “Firstly,theTented lodgeswill provide the perfect safari experience for our guests, allowing them to enjoy our five-star luxuries tented lodges right in the midst of the wilderness. These have been selected with the natural environment in mind.Secondly, the Brick and Thatch lodges are the up-market lodges, which will be designed with an African experience in mind, while delivering five-star luxuries and comfort. Each site will have a unique design that takes advantage of the features at the given site, giving the comforts of home in a truly African environment,” he said.


Nedziwe Highlights Greatactivities

First, Game Viewing: Africa at its best! Guests get to see the big five and hundreds of other species of African wildlife, as only Africa can provide. Second,Bird Watching: Hundredsof species on record to see and capture on camera with certainty that avid watchers will want to come back again to watch this arena that has more than 400 bird species. Third,Bush Dinners: Guests will enjoy the best of African and international cuisine under the stars and often with a few uninvited but welcome guests! Fourth,Guided Tours: Guests can get closer to the wildlife on guided tours, which can be in a vehicle or on bushwalks. Fifth,Sunset Cruises: There are few experiences that equal a sunset cruise on the amazing Zambezi River.

Sixth, Bungee Jumping: We consider this a bucket list item for the very daring! Seventh, White Water Rafting: Guests get to ride the white waters of the mighty Zambezi, a thrill that is not easily forgotten.

Eighth, Tribal Dancing: Our guests get to experience African culture from the front row, from performances delivered by the friendliest and warmest people they will ever meet. They are even allowed to join in! Ninth, Fishing: For the ardent angler, game fishing is never complete if one has not fished on the beautiful Zambezi and Lake Kariba. People come from all over the world to fish for tiger, bream, vundu and other great fish. Tenth, Elephant Ride: Nothing equals a view of nature on the back of nature’s gentle giant. Get on its back, stroke its trunk. The elephant backride experience is truly one of a kind.Eleventh,Walk with the Lions: Could you even fathom the ideaof openly walking with the king of the jungle? This is possible and the experience can never be duplicated. This is properly living on the wild-side.

Take a walk with us and our feline friends for the walk of a lifetime. You will be talking about this one for years. Twelfth, Gorge Swing:Can you imagine swinging in between nature’s finest creations? Well…it is possible! Take in the breath-taking views. Let yourself go as you swing….total bliss! Lastly,Zip Lining: Whizz away as the surrounding beauty passes you by, even have a short stop and take a picture. Zip lining is an exhilarating activity. Not for the faint hearted as you look down at nature’s beauty.

About Southern Africa in Brief

The Southern African region is made up of countries which include Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Arica, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. All across Southern Africa there are pristine wilderness areas, botanical gardens, forest sanctuaries, lakes, savannah plains, forested hills, and vibrant modern cities which all come together to make the sub-region a land of stunning contrast and endless delights. Then there are the people! Southern Africans are known for their warmth and hospitality and wherever you decide to go you will be met with friendly faces and welcoming attitudes.

Victoria Falls lies at the heart of Southern Africa’s tourism sector. This majestic tourist destination with its abundant wildlife and the mighty falls is a must-visit for anyone visiting the sub-region.

The climate in the sub-region is tropical, although markedly moderated by altitude. There is a dry season, including a short cool season during the period May to September when the region has very little rain and nights and mornings can be as cold as 5°C/41°F to freezing, but daytime temperatures are still pleasant with a great deal of sunshine.

The rainy season is typically from November to March; rains usually fall in heavy afternoon showers, but they can sometimes be lighter and continuous for a couple of days. The Southern African regionexperiences winter and summer at opposite times of the year to Europe and North America and they roughly correspond to the dry and wet season.

This is the best time and opportunity to buy into the shares of an emerging African Tourism market where the world is now focusing and channeling investment into. The First always take the lead of the market.

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