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Xiaomi demonstrates how to know a smartphone with Redmi 2 and Mi4



Xiaomi demonstrates how to know a smartphone with Redmi 2 and Mi2

Xiaomi, the world’s fastest smartphone maker has established a strong presence in the Nigerian market, with the roll out of the Redmi 2 and Mi4 into the market.

MIA Group confirmed the launching of the two Xiaomi iconic smartphones in Nigeria, following the initial launch on the Jumia platform.

Valued at $45 billion, Xiaomi has now positioned itself among the smartphone giants of this world, becoming the world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker in just five years. It creates high- quality smartphones with remarkable software at amazing prices.

MIA Group intends to take Nigerian consumers by storm in this market of immense opportunities: 30 per cent of the 140 million phone subscribers in Nigeria own a smartphone, and smartphone sales for 2015 are expected to reach 12 million.

Tech fans and connoisseurs will surely appreciate Redmi 2 for its fully laminated 4.7-inch HD screen and 8-megapixel camera, which comes for an entry-level price. Xiaomi’s flagship phone, Mi 4, has a gorgeous design with a precisely engineered stainless steel frame. It comes with a 5” IPS Full HD display that is incredibly sharp, a 13MP f/1.8 rear camera for beautiful pictures, and a front-facing 8MP camera for great selfies. With its excellent price- quality ratio, Mi 4 will surely appeal to users in Nigeria.

RJ van Spaandonk, President of MIA Group, the distribution group for Xiaomi in Africa stated: “We see Nigeria as a key country for smartphone growth and we are excited to offer consumers in Nigeria Xiaomi’s high-quality smartphones at amazing prices.”

At a media demonstration event for the Mi 4 and Redmi 2 , Rutger-Jan Van Spaandonk, Chairman Of MIA said “Everybody thinks they are using a smart phone, but the question that should be asked is: how smart is your smart phone? To be able to tell the quality of every smart phone in the market, to all, he recommended a handy antutu benchmark app that reveals products specs and durability.

AnTuTu Benchmark is a comprehensive Android Benchmarking application. It includes “Memory Performance”, “CPU Integer Performance”, “CPU Floating Point Performance”, “2D 3D Graphics Performance”, “SD card read-write speed”, “Database IO” performance testing.

He reiterated, “Most Nigerians are taken away by the body features, screen size and shape of the mobile device but with antutu benchmark app, buyers would be able to know the genuineness and uniqueness of their device. In order to properly evaluate the worth of a phone and confirm how smart it truly is, buyers have to look at both the body and mind of the phone.”

For example, navigating through the info column of antutu app on mobile device, buyers would find out that for almost every smart phone sold below N30,000 in Nigeria, most vital sensors (direction, G-sensor, light, e-compass, gyro, temperature, pressure, linear acceleration, rotation vectors) are not available.

On what to look out for while purchasing a mobile device RJ, advised Nigerians to be vigilant and stop wasting money but take note of special features like Density, Chipset, internal memory and camera.

Density (PPI), does a lot in terms of enhancement of the picture quality. The Chipset is considered the brain of the phone. Manufacturers of most of the cheap smart phones in Nigeria would never talk about the chipset. Internal Memory: (RAM) is also a vital performance indicator. Buyers need to look at the internal memory of the phone before buying. Anything less than 1gb RAM may not function well as a smartphone. “A truly smartphone should serve far beyond being a mere social media messaging and gaming. The Redmi 2 and Mi2 is truly a smart phone in both price and functionality.”



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