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Doyin Okupe: We begged Nnamani not to leave PDP but…..



Doyin Okupe We begged Nnamani not to leave PDP but…..

Former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, has aired his voice on the exit of former Senate President, Ken Nnamani from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

Okupe on his social media account said, although Nnamani was resolute on leaving the party, PDP will still stand.

Doyin Okupe We begged Nnamani not to leave PDP but…..

Doyin Okupe

According to him, he, Okupe, was one of those invited by the former senator, Nnamani, when he was about to declare his intention to throw in the towel.

“I was privileged to have been one of the few high powered selected group of associates of former senate president, Ken Nnamani whom he briefed of his intention to leave the PDP a few weeks ago…”

He continued that despite the pleas from all present to stop Nnamani from leaving the party, it all fell on deaf ears.

“There were emotional pleas from many for him to review his decision. But in spite of the palpable and tremendous pressure mounted on him at that meeting, he remained resolute though as usual, very polite.”

“For Ken Nnamani, the die was cast and the golden curtain has fallen on his PDP performances stage. He was indeed one of our ‘Golden Boys’. Nnamani was perhaps one of our best,” he tweeted.

Okupe explained that Nnamani felt tired sycophants who ruled the party and still enjoy the misfortune that has befell it.

“He had comportment, integrity, courage and honour. He felt frustrated by minions who have continued to hold the party to ransom and who unfortunately appear to enjoy the support of those whose circumstances and misfortune has put the ill-defined leadership of our party upon.”

He described PDP’s loses as “torturous”, acknowledging that the party has lost and will miss those who had left.

“Along this torturous journey, as Bob Marley said, “good friends we have lost, good friends we will miss along the way.”

However, he braced up, saying those left, including himself, will keep the party’s flag flying, declaring that PDP will regain its lost glory.

“But this show must go on. Some of us will preserve and by God’s grace and mercy, this party shall prevail. For a fact and for avoidance of doubt, it is neither over nor is it finished for PDP. We will be back,” he ended his tweet.

Senator Nnamani, Saturday, dumped the party, saying he was stepping aside from partisan politics in the meantime.

He told the leadership of the party that his exit from the PDP, became imperative because his advice and appeal to the party’s leadership that there was the urgent need to rebuild the party after it lost the 2015 elections and address the party’s problem of impunity, fell on deaf ears.

In a letter to the leadership of the party, the Senator said, “we need to become a party of technocrats and professionals and not a party of mercenaries and rent seekers.”

According to him, the party was every day faced with the crisis of confidence and the contractions in the party deepens, warning that PDP would continue to lose members and morale if the situations was not addressed.

In the letter titled “PDP, The Burden and My Conscience”, Nnamani said, “without any iota of bitterness in my heart, I have decided to disengage from PDP and consequently step aside from partisan politics in the interim. I wish to express my profound gratitude to the party that gave me the platform with which I attained the heights I did in the politics of our country. How I wish the effort I mounted with some of my colleagues, many of whom have left the party, to keep the PDP on the path of its noble vision and values has been supported by those who were privileged to be at the helms of affairs of the party, it would have been a different day for PDP…I regret that PDP leadership continues to rebuff internal democracy…” he wrote.

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