Osun Standardised Measure ‘ll Restore Consumer’s Confidence – Assembly

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Rt. Honourable Najeem Salam, Speaker Osun State House of Assembly
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Osun State House of Assembly under the leadership of Rt. Hon Najeem Salaam has said that the recently launched Standardised Weight and Measure by the state government, would restore consumer confidence and boost commercial activities in the state.

In a statement by the Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy, Olatunbosun Oyintiloye, the Assembly acknowledged the state Government and described the initiative as a right step in a right direction.

According to the parliament, the measure would guarantee fairness and honesty in business transactions in the state and would in turn encourage people from all other neighbouring states to want to come to Osun for commercial venture.

It stressed that there is no transaction that can be conducted to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved unless each is assured that the other is fair and honest.

The Assembly added that the traditional modes of measurements that market operators were used to had encourage cheating, hence, dragging the improvement of the economy, not only in Osun, but also in other parts of the country.

It added that the compliance with the Standardised Weight and Measure would, by extension, boost the Internally Generated Revenue of the state government.

The Assembly said, it would assist the government in its efforts towards making the state a regional hub for trade and commerce.

It also stressed that, apart from its benefit to the economy of the state, the new measure is hygienic-friendly, as it would not allow for exposure of goods to flies and dust.

It then charged the government to ensure that the scales are always made accessible to the people for them to be able to key into it.

The parliament also noted that there must be effective sensitisation of the people on the use of the Standardised measure.

This is just as it added that there must be effective monitoring of the project by officials of government to ensure its success.

Imploring market operators in the state to key into it and make a project a successful one, the Assembly said, the compliance with the standardised measure policy would be a win-win situation for buyers and sellers, as well as government.