No ghost slapped Okorocha, says Aide

VON DG tells Okorocha, 'You're free to leave APC'
Governor Okorocha
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The Imo state government has dismissed rumours making the rounds alleging that the state governor, Chief Rochas Okorocha, was slapped in his office by ghosts and had been flown to India for medical treatment.

The statement on Thursday by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, was to debunk social media report alleging that one of the governors from the South East was slapped in his office by ghosts and was subsequently flown abroad.

Onwuemeodo accused the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) of being behind the rumours describing it as one of the antics of the opposition party.

He noted that a social media report indicated that “one of the leading South-East Governors was alleged to have travelled abroad unscheduled few days ago on a business trip.”

The social media news broadcast also went on to say that: “But reports emanating from our source in diaspora community has it that the said state Chief Executive had been moved from Europe to India over a serious healthy (sic) challenge after he encountered a ghost in his office. And the ghost women made the governor to start shouting.

“The government immediately arranged for abroad treatment of the Chief Executive covering it with business engagement. News from abroad states that the situation is worst and the governor has been moved to India where he is receiving medical attention through unorthodox means”, the social media reported.

According to Onwuemeodo, after realizing that they had messed themselves up with the report, they removed it and planted another one in less than six hours with the caption “Breaking News: Gov. Rochas Okorocha seriously sick, flown to India for Treatment” with some amendments.

According to the governor’s spokesman: “Three weeks ago, to be precise, on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 the same group injected an audio into the social media to blackmail the governor. In the audio, they talked about “Alhaji or Okoro Hausa in Government House running Amajiri government”. They also talked about “mosque in Government House loaded with ammunitions and plans to bomb Relief Market, Douglas road, World Bank road, and Ama Hausa” where they said the imagined bombers were kept.

“In their first conflicting tale, they said Governor Okorocha would travel to India when the bombings would start, to see his native doctor. But in their latest outing, they said the same “man had to travel from Europe to India over a “serious healthy challenge” (Sic) after he “countered a ghost in his office”. Which Office? The one in Owerri or Europe or in India. In fact, these are empty brains and we blame the unrestricted access to social media for this kind of mess.

“And if we are to believe them for the sake of this rejoinder, were they inside the room or office or house when “a ghost” and “ghost women” came. These are frustrated elements. So, India is where those who encounter ghosts go? Shameless folks.

Again, is it possible for someone who has “serious healthy Challenge (SIC)” in Europe to opt for India for cure. And on what ground? A lot of contradictions. They talked about the governor being flown from Europe to India over a “serious healthy challenge” and also talked about the governor “encountering ghost and the government immediately arranging for abroad treatment”. But in the one they used for replacement, they said the “governor’s close aides immediately arranged for abroad treatment”. In the same write-up. This is the height of frustration.

The governor had travelled to meet with some of the investors who had invited him for further discussions on the prospects of their coming to invest in the State which has been the dream of the governor. The moment he travelled with few Economic aides, we informed Imo people and the general public.

He said: “if for any reason, the governor falls sick, we will inform our audience. Ailment or sickness has been there with mankind. And the angle that makes the whole claim funny is the “ghost dimension.

“The governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is not sick and as a Christian, does not know what seeing “a ghost” or ghost women” means. He is being expected back to the state and once that happens, we won’t hesitate to tell the public.

“Governor Okorocha is one of the least travelled governors. He works round-the-clock in the state. And given the option, Imo people would want him to have enough rest after he has finished with what he travelled for, since man is not firewood.


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“He urged therefore, the public to, not only disregard the gimmick in question but to pray for these negative folks behind it to repent because it takes evil minded fellows to be wishing someone sickness and knowing who encountered or who did not encounter “ghost or ghost women.”