Angry Nigerians ‘bombed’ NAN MD, Onanuga over insensitive Facebook post

NAN MD, Onanuga replies angry Nigerians over his Facebook post
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Mr. Bayo Onanuga, Managing Director of News Agency of Nigeria, on Tuesday, touched the “wounds” of Nigerians with his post on Facebook which angered both those that sees the veteran journalist as mentor and life teacher.

The post which was ostensibly made to help launder the image of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration had carpeted the media and bloggers for misleading the masses and international communities about the current situation in the country.

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In the post, Onanuga relayed how he had told his daughter on the Virgin Atlantic Flight to London “to find out whether the plane was filled up or going to London near empty judging by the noisy campaign from a section of the country about the ‘hardship’ in our country”, to which his daughter had replied: “daddy, the flight was filled up o”.

He then related “how food was cheap everywhere” on his trip to Jos and Bauchi over the weekend.

Onanuga ended the post by charging the media to objectively conduct a reality check about their reports, which he described as “over sensationalising so-called hardship” the country is passing through.

The post immediately sparked anger with Nigerians taking to Facebook to attack the journalism giant for being insensitive to the plight of the masses. Many Nigerians who commented on the matter expressed strong views while practically calling him a failure as Managing Director and Editior-in-Chief of TheNews/PMNews.

Onanuga was the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of TheNEWS/PMNews before he was appointed MD of NAN in May this year.

Below are some of the comments culled from Nairaland;


Wanawana Essienette

Bros, you are not living in the country, some people cannot boost of N1000. a lot of people have lost their jobs, so how do you buy anything without money. Have you not heard that people are committing suicide as a result of hardship. You are among the few who is not feeling the heat, just thank your God. But this hardship is a reality and no one is trying to paint any negative image. That you can still afford to send your daughter abroad with the dollar rate. again just thank God. my friends who were laid off from my office since last year have not gotten any job yet, some of them are family men, to even feed their children is a problem, it was not like this before. Go to the market, prices of things have triple.


Patrick Oluseyi Ige

The average monthly salary is N10,000.00k and what is the population of the working people who earn higher salaries. Most companies can’t pay a higher wage. The difficulties in raising cash is more compounded with 6 months to one year debt wages by State Government.


Lateef Taiwo Bamgbose

At a time like this some people are forced to stand with the people or abandon them because of what they are gaining or the opportunity to be in place. If the likes of Onunuga, had remain in journalism , managing The News and P M news he would have seen the reality. What he has done here is just to make mockery of Nigerians,God dey


Aniebo Nwamu

Just leave d salary-paying job at NAN and go back to The News. Then, go to d market once more. U’ll discover the true situation of things.


Osagie Christian Aburime

Because you are part of those gaining from this government. If you are bold come to Lagos and say this trash in the streets. You will live to regret it


Ọláwálé Ọláyanjú

In a country where minimum wage of N18,000 cannot buy a 50kg of rice at N20,000…


Victor Oladimeji Ojelabi

His account has been hacked. Someone should please inform him. Chai! Nigerians don suffer!


Odolaye Aremu

I think this is the same mindset that killed the nation’s affection for the last govt. This is pretty insensitive coming from a very thoughtful, a once amiable and highly cerebral journalist! Quite a pedestrian point of view!



Jaiyeola Ajasa

I wrote an article years ago about Oga Bayo Onanuga. It was titled THE MAN DIED. I wrote it after reading a statement by Oga Bayo Onanuga, that all Yorubas should follow Asiwaju Bola Tinubu because he is the best for our tribe. NO QUESTION ASKED. Then I said to myself “It is finished.” This is a man that made me go into journalism. After Dele Giwa , Oga Bayo Onanuga was the model of integrity. I was in the news room of AFRICAN CONCORD after he left. It was an honour to be there. Now you are an appologist of all that is wrong because you are now part of all that is wrong. Oma she oooo. THE MAN DIED!!


Lateef Taiwo Bamgbose

Check the mast head of The News, Bayo Onanuga, former Editor – in – Chief now Managing Director, NAN, Babafemi Ojudu, former managing Editor turned Senator and later political Adviser to Buhari,Idowu Obasa, left to become Local government Chairmanin Lagos, all other staff that brought The News have been left in the labour market. Slave Drivers.


Oyedeji Kayode

Hello Sir, in a country of 175m, it may not be good to look at the economy from whether a Virgin Atlantic plane is filled up or not. That won’t be a good way to access the economy. The problem of Nigeria has always been income inequality. The fact that 1m Nigerians can still fly abroad does not indicate that the economy is in a good shape.


Biodun Shonubi

Please take this off your wall as it may be considered insensitive considering your present affiliation


Femi Anjorin

It’s unfortunate that my oga, who I respect so much, has lost touch with reality. Can this be as a result of …..? I campaigned against PDP because the party had no plan for Nigeria and Nigerians, so I voted for change. However, this government has forgotten that “to whom much is giving, much is expected.” It’s better if the big guns in this govt (my able pastor inclusive) can put on their thinking caps and steer the ship of this country aright


Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu

Kai…So, that the plane was filled is a sign that things are all fine in Nigeria? God forbid this level of ‘saiko’.



Edward Dibiana

Oga Bayo Onanuga is now speaking in tongue. God dey.


Patrick A. Okohue

I am in shock sir that you will reason the way you do, with due respect I say there is more to life than politics, you may try comparing prices now to what it was a year ago, in a country where a minimum wage can no longer buy a bag of rice you are asking whether things are really hard?


Iyobosa Uwugiaren

Bayo is my Teacher, Life EDITOR and mentor in journalism. If your present position will make you lower your professional integrity, please resign now.


Emmanuel Malagu

I have from this moment lost respect for you! I hope you are not living in the moon? Please pull out of your comfort zone and face the reality!


Deji Bolusemihi

Uncle Bayo Onanuga, I stand to be corrected but judging by your post, we have lost you to them. What is it that take reality away from govt appointees in Nigeria? To a man that earns a minimum wage salary of 28k, who will transport himself to work for a month, pay house rent, school fees, buy food stuff etc, you are calling 1400 pot of soup that will finish next day just!!! Abeg make I face work ojare


Darlington Ojy Onwukwe

Bayo, I knew you don’t reason intelligently always but I never knew that it has got to this extent. Because your daughter went to London in a filled up airplane it means that the price of a bag of rice is no longer N22K? Does it then mean that 4 seeds of tomatoes no longer sell for N500? Today, a bag of cement is 2k and a liter of kerosene is N200. So all these things are lies because Bayo Onanuga’s daughter flew to UK and the plane was filled up? Honestly, my illiterate grandmother can NEVER reason this way. Oga, Bayo, please apply for Stand Up Nigeria Comedy Show. you have the charisma to make people laugh.


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