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Pharmatex boss donates hilux to WAI brigade



Pharmatex boss donates hilux to WAI brigade

The Executive Director of Pharmatex Industries, Chief Joseph Uzoma Ebowusim recently donated a Hilux van to War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade, as an operational vehicle to fight crime in the society.

Chief Ebowusim who doubles as the State patron of the Lagos command, made this donation on the same day his company marked 25th anniversary.

According to him, “I started my business 25years ago, and I thank God for today. I also thank my Business partner Mr Christopher Nebe who is currently the MD of the company. He’s been helpful and instrumental to the successful of this company and this donation I’ m making today. It’s an international company. We produce drugs and distribute not just within Nigeria but to other African countries. Thank God today we are moving on. I joined WAI Brigade in Owerri my state capital where I was later made a patron. As a philanthropist, I did a lot for my people.

“In Lagos, I was also made a patron. Today, being a patron of this Brigade, I felt it will be necessary to present a gift of an Hilux van as an operational vehicle to the Brigade because what moves me so much in life is Discipline. With this, easy movements to areas where crimes will be fought won’t be a problem.  I’ve always loved discipline; it’s in my blood, because my parents were popularly known for that. For me, a vehicle with good tyres such as Hilux is what I desire as a reward for the Brigade’s efforts and as a way to encourage them in the fight against discipline. I encourage Nigerians to behave disciplined, just as I encourage Businessmen in the society to look towards the direction of donating to those who fight crimes and embrace discipline. I give with passion.

“I don’t have to wait until I have so much before I give. Even my staff and my Business partner can atestate to that. Even with the existence of military and para-military bodies in Nigeria, I still believe in the ability of WAI Brigade to curb crime in the society because they are not corrupt. They are very disciplined. It is a voluntary organisation, yet members are very committed. I think if every Nigerian acts disciplined, we will go places in this country.

“WAI has the power to ensure discipline in the society; they’ve been conferred with the powers, and have been living up to expectation. I’m proud of them. Comparatively, the present administration has done a lot to reduce crime rates in the Nigerian society, but we need to do more. In the past, we used to hear of shootings here and there, Yahoo-Yahoo, and the likes, but today all of that has reduced drastically. Hunger can instigate crime in any given society. I pray the Nigerian society changes so that the hunger in the land doesn’t instigate crime.”

Receiving the gift on behalf of the Brigade, the Lagos State Commander, WAI Brigade Nigeria, Senior Comrade Gabriel Adeoye, appreciated the donor.

His words “I’m so grateful to our patron to have thought it wise to make this donation. In fact, I was telling my colleague that if I had my way, I would have changed my date of birth from May to September owing to how grateful I am for the gift we just received.

“We are here today to express our heartfelt appreciation because no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.

“We gather here for the official presentation of our operational vehicle donated as a gesture extended to the WAI Brigade Lagos State Command by our honourable patron, who is proactive, reliable, dedicated, conscientious and a philanthropist, Dr Joseph Uzoma Ebowusim. This man donates freely and lives up to expectation in the fulfillment of promises. We thank him and others who have been of assistance to this command for their magnanimous efforts and intercessory strives. Gratitude is my Trademark.

“In fact, he is worthy of our recognition for MON (Member of Niger) because he deserves it. He has done for lots of people.”

Doubling as the South-West Zonal Commander, Senior Comrade Adeoye reiterated on how he would put the vehicle to good use. “I hope to put this Hilux van received today into good use under my leadership. It’s going to be used soley for operations, the purpose for which it was given. We will remain grateful to Pharmatex Industries for this gift. Under my watch, the vehicle will facilitate quick response to scenes of crime, emergency and also deter, prevent and suppress the activities of vandals, hoodlums and organized crime in our society. The operational vehicle we received today is the third (3rd) vehicle we’ve received, and we see this as remarkable”.

“WAI Brigade was formed 31 years ago, and since then we’ve been doing the tremendous job of reducing crime rates. The Brigade is meant for gainfully employed people because it is a voluntary organisation. We carry out Operation Know Your Neighbour, Community Policing, Giving intelligence reports to law enforcement agencies, reaching out to market women, monitoring first lady’s sanitation efforts, and many others. Since I became the Lagos State Commander in 2009, we’ve been doing capacity human building trainings for our members on Advanced management and safety, Criminology and Penology courses at the Federal College of Education, Akoka.

“We organize courses and seminars to build our members and enable them meet with the challenges ahead. We didn’t have an office before, but now we have a state headquarters. Currently, we have 31 staff serving in local government tax force where they receive stipends. We have been able to acquire and imbibe certain qualities such as puritanical ethos, professionalism, dedication, commitments, nationalistic ethos and in-group cohesion which made us to act in unity and decisively in the execution of the organisation’s mandates.

“We look forward to seeing more Nigerians who appreciate what we are doing. It is a clarion call to philanthropists and well-meaning Nigerians to come to our aid by contributing their quota to ensure the effectiveness in the discharge of our duties thereby combating indiscipline which is the bane of corruption and all corrupt practices eating deep like cankerworm into the fibre of our national life. I believe Nigeria will be a better place if can be disciplined. Corruption is the baby of Indiscipline, just as indiscipline is the father of corruption. As we lay our bed as a country, so we will lie on it.”

Chief Joseph Ebowusim is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology where he graduated in Business Administration. He sits as the Executive Director of Pharmatex Industries Limited, Director has under its employment several qualified pharmacists, marketers, Accountants, etc; he has given opportunities to so many for employment. Chief Joseph as a person is a philanthropist to the core and this has manifested through his numerous grants and financial assistance to individuals, Organisations and Town Associations. Through His Foundation; Jossy United Soccer Foundation, he assisted many Nigerian youths playing professional football within and outside Nigeria irrespective of religion, tribe or sex.

Founded by the Buhari/Idiagbon administration in 1984, War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade is Nigeria’s indigenous uniformed paramilitary volunteer organisation with commitment of members to nationwide fight against corruption and other sharp anti-social practices in Nigeria.

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