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Trying to be more democratic than a democrat By Ayanyunji Gbenro



Trying to be more democratic than a democrat By Ayanyunji Gbenro

Large percentage of Nigerians that voted for the President during the last general election voted for General Mohammadu Buhari. They voted for the no nonsense military general that led the country for about one and half years in the early to mid eighties. They voted for the army general that whipped the nation into observing decorum in public places. They voted for the army general that cannot stand semblance of corruption. They voted for the army general that looked straight in the eyes of colonial masters masquerading as international organizations and said go to hell. Nigerians didn’t vote for President Mohammadu Buhari that is trying to be politically correct. Nigerians did not vote for President Mohammadu Buhari that is trying to placate international organizations. Nigerians were not interested in placating militants or entering  into plea bargain with looters of our commonwealth.

Evolution of events over the pass one and half years of President Mohammadu Buhari administration might have revealed that those dreams might not be attainable. We have lost our General Mohammadu Buhari to age, system of government and new global trend. What we are left with is a version of Mohammadu Buhari that is trying to be more catholic than the pope. Our general has been blackmailed and clobbered into submission by the same group that have kept our country down for years. Our general is now conscious of being called a tyrant. He is conscious of been referred to as despot. But who cares about a despot or democrat if our country is liberated from the clutches of corruption and bad governance. Our general is conscious of being politically correct and that has emboldened the disciples of darkness to always throw into our faces their pontification about rule of law. A poor man accused of stealing a tuber of yam is giving jungle justice with alacrity in the market square but a rich accused of stealing billions is protected under canopy of rule of law.

How do you explain that our own General Mohammadu Buhari couldn’t reign in the national assembly? Revelations upon revelations of billions frittered away by the national assembly is not acted upon because there is fear of people will start demonstrating under the banner of separation of power. Billions were found in the houses of judges in a sting operations by the DSS yet nothing can be done because the Nigeria Judicial Council has turned itself into a government inside government and our general is handicapped because this is democracy. Nigerians that are suppose to rise in defense of our commonwealth are busy arguing on whether the sting operation was appropriate or not. Aides of our general have been accused of monumental fraud under his watch yet nothing is done because this is democracy and you need the support of your political party.

State governors have constituted themselves  into a parallel government under watch of our general yet he could do nothing because they belong to opposition party and any attempt to rein them in will be met by the cry of a he is a despot. Governors now take pleasure in obstructing the course of justice from PortHarcourt to Ekiti because they have immunity. We applaud the rogue governors without taking into cognizance what their irresponsible acts is doing to our nation. They don’t care if the whole nation is turn into a war zone in bid to protect their tribe. The corrupt are neither PDP nor APC. They are neither Christian nor Muslims. They don’t belong to any geopolitical zone. Their tribe is corruption and they are loyal under it banner.

The masses are divided because they are not sure of what they want. The uniting banner is food and will congregate under any banner that provides assurance of subsistence irrespective of the source. But can we continue like this while the opposing tribe keep luring us with crumbs?

Our general is handicapped without us. A general without a troop is ordinary. Every nation that have been liberated by a revolutionary leader has citizens that paddled in the same direction with the leader. When the citizens work at cross road with the leader, the leader will be defeated by the forces of evil. It’s time we take our stand as Nigerians if we want our General Buhari rather than President Buhari. If we do, we must be ready to swim along with him and discountenance the narration of the few thieves swimming against the tide.

On the final note our general should stop being more democratic than the democrat. Free yourself from the hold of blackmail and desire to be political correct, we need the general we voted for.



Ayanyunji Benjamin Gbenro (phd)

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