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Trump renews security guarantees to Japan, vows extreme travels vetting



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President Donald Trump on Friday renewed U.S. security guarantees to Japan over the North Korea’s nuclear programmes and islands in the East China Sea with which it has a territorial dispute with China.

Trump, who made the pledge during a joint press conference with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House on Friday, said ensuring that North Korea abandon its nuclear programme was his topmost priority.

“We will defend you and all our allies against the North Korea’s nuclear threats, which I consider a very top priority.

“We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control,” he said.

Trump also affirmed the U.S.-Japan alliance, calling it the “cornerstone of peace and stability” in the Pacific region.

He stressed the importance of U.S. and Japan to “invest heavily in their defensive capabilities”.

The two leaders were expected to have discussed the US-Japan alliance, the bedrock of American power projection in Asia about which Trump made uncomplimentary comments during his campaign.

Abe presented a package of ideas for investing as much as 150 billion dollars into U.S. infrastructure, including high-speed rail projects.

The Prime Minister also said that there were many Japanese companies in the U.S., which created millions of jobs in the country.

Abe’s visit is Trump’s second meeting with a foreign leader, after a visit from British Prime Minister Theresa May.

On the Appeals Court’s ruling against his travels ban on Thursday, the President expressed confidence that his administration would win at the Supreme Court.

“I have no doubt that we’ll win that particular case,” Trump said.

Trump also vowed to take “additional security” steps next week to keep the country safe while his administration fights in court to reinstate the controversial travel ban for residents of seven countries.

“I feel totally confident that we will have tremendous security for the people of the United States.

“We will have extreme vetting – a term I developed in my campaign.

“While I have been president, a short time, there are things I have learnt. There are tremendous threats. We will not allow that to happen.

“We will go forwards, we will do it rapidly. We will not allow people in who want to do harm. We will allow in people who will love our country.

“It will always be that way under my presidency,” Trump said.

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