Why we’re visiting Boko Haram ravaged areas – UN

More than 100,000 displaced Afghans, returnees in desperate plight – UN
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The UN Security Council’s delegation says it is visiting the four countries affected by the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists to get a first-hand experience of the victims.

Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, UK Permanent Representative to the UN and the Security Council’s President for the month of March, stated this on Friday in Cameroon in a remark on the UN Security Council visit to the Lake Chad Basin.

“First of all, we came here in order to shine a spotlight on the situation in the Lake Chad Basin.

“We came to hear the individual stories of people involved, whether they are refugees or displaced people or other victims of Boko Haram.

“We stand with the government and the people of Cameroon, and the wider region, in tackling the scourge of terrorism.

“And in encouraging them to look broadly and deeply at the root causes of the set of crises going on here.

“Whether humanitarian, to do with development, to do with education, agriculture and so on,” Rycroft said, in a statement issued by the Communications Team, UK Mission to the UN.

Newsverge reports that the Security Council’s delegation leaves Cameroon on Friday for Chad.

Newsverge also reports that from Chad, the Council’s delegation will move to Niger and after that, to Nigeria.