Saraki makes case for affordable healthcare

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Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has stated that healthcare insurance and coverage should be mandatory for all Nigerians.

Speaking at the close of debate, after the Senate’s consideration of the Second Reading of a Bill for An Act to Repeal the National Health Insurance Commission (NHIC), the Senate President stated that affordable healthcare was the right of every Nigerian, hence, the Senate would work to expand the scope of the existing national healthcare insurance system through enabling laws.

“The high mortality rate that we experience with certain health conditions is largely due to lack of basic and affordable healthcare,” the Senate President said, “Our focus should be on health coverage for all Nigerians – irrespective of their background.

“Universal healthcare for all our citizens will ensure that common illnesses like malaria, and conditions like childbirth, will no longer lead to loss of life.”