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Gani Adams remains our commander, says OPC Chief



OPC warns over eviction threat to Yorubas

The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has been described as an integral and important part of the Aare Ona Kakanfo dynasty which will continue to be directly under the command of the Generalissimo of Yoruba’s. The Oyo State coordinator of the OPC, Comrade Rotimi Olumo said this in a statement issued in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state on Wednesday.

Congratulating the National Coordinator of the OPC, Dr Gani Adams on his proclamation as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo Designate , Olumo said the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi exhibited his spiritual soundness with the choice of Gani Adams as the Aare Ona Kakanfo.

According to Olumo, Adams is a round peg that fits the round hole expected of him to fill, adding that the fact that he already has a standing army in the OPC makes him the real commander expected of a Generalismo.

In apparent reaction to calls from some individuals that Adams should step down as the leader of the OPC because of his new status as the Aare Ona Kakanfo, Olumo said the Oodua People’s Congress remains under the leadership of Gani Adams,adding that the group will be more useful for the Aare Kingdom  and the Yoruba race now more than before.

“As the president of a nation commands its military, the same way the Aare is the commander of its own army, which in this case, is the OPC and in actual fact, by the virtue of his new status, all self-determination groups in Yoruba has automatically come under his control and how he administer them is his own prerogative. “

Olumo said further that those making such call are “obviously naive and very unserious and should be ignored” adding that ” God deliberately used Adams ahead of time to prepare the OPC for the Aare Ona Kakanfo Kingdom as he has been using his personal resources to build and nurture the group “

Insisting that those making the call” are mere  relevance seekers ” Olumo said ” it is funny that it is the same individuals who said Adams was not fit to be Aare who are now telling him how to run the office. ” Affirming that OPC remains under the firm grip of the Aare, Olumo said “we in OPC know our commander and our commander knows us irrespective of the official appellation. “The objectives of the OPC to continue to protect the Yoruba stands and this objective we shall continue to pursue with Dr Gani Adams in the driving wheel”. He submitted.



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