Hauk foundation holds seminar on gender violence

United Bank for Africa

The Hauk Foundation is holding its third international seminar on gender violence tagged: ‘ Elimination of Violence against Women’ in Lagos. According to Hauwa Sodeinde, the organisation’s president, the foundation is a non-governmental organisation comprising group of persons who are passionate about contributing to the society positively with the sole aim of building youths and women with a renewed understanding of gender equality and its attending issues.

She added that the foundation has its major activities rooted in reaching out to youths (in- school adolescents), children and women in identified communities, learning environment such as schools (especially public schools), religious institutions.

She pointed out that its mission include creating a future where women and men can live together irrespective of gender. ”Enabling cordial interrelationship between both gender to boost economic output in Africa and the World. Building an enabling society that supports a positive interrelationship between men and women with the aim of boosting the economic output of Africa and the world at large”.