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Diwa Ishaya: The day I slapped a male colleague on set



Fast rising screen sensation, Diwa Ishaya, has reveal her experience on a movie set, where she mistakenly hit a male colleague. Speaking exclusively with PorscheClassy Media, the film and media studies graduate said although she didn’t mean to hit him hard, the said actor had to excuse himself from the set to be able to get over the pain.
The chocolate coloured thespian responding to a question about the craziest thing she’s done as an actress said: “I honestly can’t think of any craziest thing I have done onset, but sometimes in film making things can go in the wrong way.  One time it happened that I was to hit Someone on the camera, but then by mistake hit the person very hard, so he had to excuse himself for rest of the day to recover” She said.
On what motivates her, and top nollywood stars she’d love to work with, Diwa said:
 “My motivation comes from the time of my childhood days and the system in which I grew up. Life generally and the society is my source of motivation. Talking about three actors I will love to work with, Pete Edochie, Genevieve Nnaji and Mercy Johnson”.
On Her Relationship Status:
The beautiful talented actress didn’t hide her relationship status, as she clearly state that she is in a relationship and not married.  Diwa further speaks on her recent job which is set to showcase family values, among other educative and entertaining infomations, adding that her greatest fear is failure.
“At the moment I’m working with few others as a team to create family stories that will be educative and at the same time entertaining, stories that will reflect our society of today. And Yes! Sometimes I get scared of what the future holds, I think my greatest fear is not failing or doing the wrong thing at the right time. I have made some certain mistakes in the past and and my fear is not having to make more mistake” she noted.
Originally from Kaduna, but breed in Lagos, Diwa who said she has been acting for eight years, but started making money two years ago, is born into the family of five.  Diwa’s well known movie is titled After my wish (Child’s Mistake), which is a story of how an unwanted child finds her way in life.  According to her, the movie was inspired by a true life story of a friend close to her.



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