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See FULL LIST of 105 Dapchi schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram



Presidential visit renewed our hopes - Dapchi parents

Parents of schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in Dapchi secondary school, Yobe state have released the names of 105 girls missing on Saturday.

The parents said they were the only source of credible data, dismissing figures provided by the state government as false.

The parents, who have created a group to collate names of the missing girls, advised the governor of Yobe state to stop listening to “fake data” given to him by security operatives.

“Governor Ibrahim Gaidam must call us to a meeting so that we can give him a firsthand data on the number of our daughters that have gone missing since the attack on Monday,” said Mr. Bashir Manzo, who acts as the chairman of the Forum of Missing Dapchi Schoolgirls Parents.

The governor had on Friday, while hosting governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje, said 86 girls were missing after the attack on Monday.

Mr. Manzo, who spoke with our correspondent by phone, said they created a forum to check such “misrepresentation”.

“We have decided to form a forum not for any other purpose other than seeing that we also contribute to how our missing daughters can be rescued and brought to us safely,” said Mr. Manzo.

“So our forum has since been collating the bio-data of all the girls that are not accounted for. And to achieve the best result, we do not take information from any third person or through phone call except by physical presentation by the father or mother of the missing schoolgirl.

“When any parent come here to meet us, he has to give us his name and the name of his daughter; her class and then we also collect his phone number along the name of his town and local government area.

“So far, from what we have collated as at today Saturday 23rd February 2017, we have a total of 105 schoolgirls who have not been seen since the attack of Dapchi on Monday 19th February. This list did not come from the school management or any government source but (was) collated by us from the parents of the girls.

“As far as we are concerned, the governor is still being fed with fake information about these poor girls. Our major concern now, is for us to have a direct meeting with the governor of Yobe state so that we could tell him the home truth about our daughters that have gone missing.

“Whatever report that is given to him, (if) they don’t tally with what we have, amounts to fake information. He needs to know that truth and only we the parents that can confirm it to him that our daughters who are students of GGSTC Dapchi had been kidnapped by Boko Haram.

“From the feelers we are getting it thus seem the governor is still not been made to understand that these girls were abducted; he is still being made to believe that they had gone missing because they ran into the bush and have not been able to find their ways back to town.

“The fact of the matter is that all those that fled into the bush had been brought back to the school on Tuesday, and a roll call was taken after which they had all gone home to meet their parents.

“So far, we have a total of 105; we don’t know if there could be more of them,” he said.

Mr. Bashir said his teenage daughter, Fatima Bashir, a Junior Secondary III student, is amongst the missing girls.

Boko Haram gunmen on Monday attacked Dapchi town of Yobe state and went away with students of the town’s girls’ secondary school.

Neither the military nor the management of the school have given yet an accurate figure of the schoolgirls that were abducted.

The minister of information, Lai Mohammed, visited Dapchi on Thursday where he told the media that the federal government still needs “some few days” to confirm the figures with the parents.


According to the Forum of Missing Parents, the 105 missing girls are as follows:-

  1. Fatima Bashir
  2. Aisha Kachalla
  3. Zainab Abubakar
  4. Falmata Wakil
  5. Fatima Isa
  6. Fatima Musa
  7. Aisha Usman
  8. Aisha Adamu
  9. Fatima Isa
  10. Hauwa A. Mohammed Idriss
  11. Maryam Mohammed
  12. Fatima Mohammed II
  13. Hauwa Salisu
  14. Hassana Gambo
  15. Aisha Adamu
  16. Adama Garba
  17. Zara Grema
  18. Maryam Daamkontoma
  19. Zainab Bama
  20. Fatsuma Abdullahi
  21. Fatima Yahaya Tarbutu
  22. Amina Yahaya Tarbutu
  23. Amina Adamu
  24. Hajara Ali
  25. Fatima Abdullahi
  26. Fatsuma Ali
  27. Zara’U Mohammed
  28. Salamatu Garba
  29. Falmata Alh. Inuwa
  30. Falmata Alh. Ali
  31. Aisha B. Danjuma
  32. Maryam Bashir
  33. Maryam Aliyu Mabu
  34. Fatima Modu Bamba
  35. Aisha Modu Bamba
  36. Hafsat Haruna
  37. Rabi Alh. Nasiru
  38. Hadiza Moh’D
  39. Fatima Aji Hassan
  40. Falmata Wakil
  41. Aisha Wakil
  42. Falmata A. Audu
  43. Aisha Maina
  44. Aisha Mohammed
  45. Aisha Mamuda
  46. Name missing on list

47.Zainab Usman

  1. Hadiza Mohammed Taiduma
  2. Maryam Ibrahim
  3. Fatima M. Gira
  4. Hafsat Ibrahim Gira
  5. Maryam Ibrahim
  6. Zara Tijjani
  7. Amina Haruna
  8. Fatima Adamu
  9. Khadija Mai Sale
  10. Khadija Ali
  11. Habiba Musa Jakana

59 Fatima Bukar

  1. Hajara Gidado
  2. Maryam Basiru
  3. Fatima Usman
  4. Maryam Ibrahim
  5. Leah Sherubu
  6. Aisha Alh. Deri
  7. Fatima Hassan Mustapha
  8. Zainab Manu
  9. Zara Tijjani
  10. Zainab Bukar Abba
  11. Hauwa Saidu Abubakar
  12. Karima Inusa
  13. Amina A. Abubakar
  14. Yakura Sani
  15. Rabi Yahaya Tela
  16. Hajara Yahaya Tela
  17. Marya Mustapha
  18. Aisha Abdullahi
  19. Maryam Adamu Mohammed
  20. Bintu Usman
  21. Fatsuma Mohammed
  22. Salamatu Isiyaku
  23. Hauwa Lawan
  24. Aisha B. Danjuma
  25. Aisha Moh’D Jakusko
  26. Hauwa Bulama
  27. Fatima Abubakar Jambo
  28. Walida Adamu
  29. Fanna Mohammed
  30. Aisha M. Bukar
  31. Maryam Usman
  32. Aisha Abba Aji
  33. Maryam Usman
  34. Maimuna A. Hassan
  35. Zara Musa
  36. Maryam Mohammed Kaku
  37. Khadija Suleiman
  38. Habiba Nuhu Dan Inu
  39. Fatima Isiyaku Aliyu
  40. Sahura Jibir Mohammed
  41. Khadija Grema Dabuwa
  42. Zara Grema Dabuwa
  43. Zara Mohammed Lawan
  44. Fatima Mohammed
  45. Fati Modu Aisami
  46. Fatsuma Alli




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