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Dapchi schoolgirls’ crisis is a dishonour to Nigerians, LCCN Archbishop



Presidential visit renewed our hopes - Dapchi parents

In an attempt to make a passionate call for an end to the mindless killing and the rescue of the Dapchi school girls, the archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN), Most Rev. Musa Panti Filibus,PhD described the abduction of the school girls as a collective shame to all Nigerians.

Panti in a Press conference in Yola told journalist that being a Father and a leader, he is deeply saddened by the horrible news of the girls abduction and cannot imagine the unbearable trauma these school girls are going through, and the dreadful agony their families are experiencing.

”It is most unfortunate that we Will still hear of abduction of girls in such horrifying number when it has been reported severally that Boko Haram has been technically defeated, what an irony!!! This act of abducting and subjecting innocent girls to such horrendous inhuman conditions is most shameful on us all as Nigerians and is totally unacceptable.”Panti Said

According to him as a Church the news of kidnapping 110 school girls in Yobe Technical College Dapchi  and about four years of over 270 abduction of school girls in chibok,Borno state came with great shock to them.

He further said that by constitution and by right girl-child deserves protection from whatever may endanger her life. The universal human rights declaration and other legal instruments clearly demand of government around the world to ensure that the children’s right of protection and education are safeguarded.

“It is imperative for government to improve security around schools and colleges in the country and particularly in the North eastern region as the activities of insurgents seem to continue unabated.” He Said

Filibus Continue to say that the entire Church of LCCN is disheartened and saddened another news of attacks, the most recent being Gwamba community in Borrong District of Demsa Local Government area by the suspected Fulani herdsmen.

He revealed that reports from accredited media houses reported that the killers used sophisticated weapons to carry out the dastardly acts on ordinary citizens.

”I am compelled to think that the killers often said to be Fulani herdsmen and defied all security apparatus in the country. This is evident in their well coordinated and organized attacks on innocent people.

”These killers are recalcitrant to the government by virtue of their unstoppable murderous actions. We are yet to hear of any of them being prosecuted according to law.” He said

He questioned that: “Were there no intelligence reports prior to the attacks? Why are these gunmen said to be Fulani herdsmen perpetrating these gruesome acts not reportedly arrested and openly put to trial according to law? If at all they are herdsmen and not sponsored killers, why are they attacking during dry season when there hardly any farming activity that would be cause of conflict between farmers and herdsmen? What do they want to achieve by killing innocent people, setting ablaze their homes and carting away with their sources of livelihood” He asked

Musa who is also the President of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) call on international community and well spirited non-state organizations to support the government of Nigeria towards rescuing these girls from their heartless abductors and bring to an end to all form of terrorism

He also call on government at federal, state, local, traditional and religious leaders at all levels to jointly do all that’s possible to rescue the girls from Dapchi and the remaining Chibok girls.

“May I call on all Nigerians irrespective of their religious to stand together in condemning all acts of terrorism.” Musa said



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