Matte, Glossy lipsticks; Make up artists express divergent views

Matte, Glossy lipsticks; Make up artists express divergent views
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Makeup artists in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have express divergent views on the usage of matte and glossy lipsticks.

Speaking with our correspondent on Friday, the makeup artists picked the various lipstick textures based on longevity, appearance and suitability for their makeup needs.

While matte refers to dry lipsticks without shine, glossy lipsticks, on the other hand, has a shiny finishing.

Some of the respondents who chose glossy lipsticks stated that they preferred its texture because of the moisturizing effect on the lips.

However, regular users of matte lipsticks argued that they loved its dry and exquisite finishing, especially how it sits on the lips.

Miss Chioma Brown said she preferred glossy lipsticks “because it keeps my lips moist and smooth’’.

She said she uses glossy lipstick daily as it is favourable for both harsh and cool weather.

However, Miss Diana Omueza fancies matte lipsticks because “It is very durable and long lasting.”

“Matte lasts all through the day, unlike glossy lipsticks that have to be reapplied and make you look childish.

“Matte also gives ladies a classic and sophisticated look, helping them stand out no matter what they wear,” Omueza said.

Also, Miss Daniella Ilogho, loves matte lipstick but believes that the choice of lipstick is dependent on the type of look one intends to achieve.

“There is no preference over matte and glossy as a makeup artist, because they both have a role to play depending on the look I am creating.

“In situations where the person has dry lips, you must moisturise their lips before applying matte or just use lip gloss for them

“Having matte and glossy lipsticks are both very important in my items,” she said.

She admitted that matte has overtaken the makeup trend as most Nigerian women wear the lipstick type in all weathers.

Meanwhile, Miss Jayne Odeh prefers glossy lipstick because it does not stick to cutlery when she eats, unlike matte.

“Matte lipsticks can be used in situations where you are certain that you won’t eat because it may get scattered in the process.

“Glossy is easily applicable at all situations. You can wear it for casual events.

“Matte however, is meant for official events as it creates a positive impression about you,” Odeh said.