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African art takes center-stage as Miami art week looks to Lagos



The organizers of Miami Art Week are paying more attention to Africa, and Lagos in particular, as preparations gather momentum for the 2019 edition of the art fairs, which holds annually in Florida, United States of America. This year, Miami Art Week, which holds annually during the first week in December, will devote one of its major fairs to African Contemporary Art.

Tagged “Èkó Miami,” the name of the fair is derived from the native name of Africa’s most populous city and one of the world’s fastest growing cities – Èkó (Lagos). Èkó Miami is the premier International art fair dedicated solely to Contemporary African Art during Miami Art Week. This is the first time Africa will be taking centre stage at this global event which will host over 20 international art fairs, 1,500 galleries and over 15,000 artists.

According to Toks Ogun, “In the first week of December of every year, Miami becomes the epicenter of the art world as it hosts thousands of artists, galleries and international art fairs. Èkó Miami will bring to the world stage the most prolific and profound works that Africa has to offer. It will feature art from both masters and emerging artists on the African scene.

An extensive and enlightening educational program that includes discussions, workshops and other cultural immersions from the African landscape will also be showcased at Èkó Miami. This focus on African art is an indication that African artists are making significant inroads onto the global scene. Bonhams, Sothebys, Christies and other renowned International Auction Houses are beginning to pay serious attention to us”.

Ogun further stated that the aim of Èkó Miami is to promote and support indigenous emerging and established artists, galleries and for the further appreciation of our arts and culture on a global scale. The programme is expected to attract 15,000 visitors over a period of three days.