Ogun Local Government Administration In Coma Under Mr Philadelphia

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Anytime I remember the current shape of the Local Government administration in Ogun State, I wish he was not the Governor of my State in my own time and generation. A Local Government in Kaduna built this police station. This is one of the reasons I so much detest the leadership of Mr Ibikunle Amosun. One of my bitter experiences during my stay in the Local Government as SA, my Local Council as a result of poor financial capacity, was unable to finance a- N25,000 inauguration budget of its Student’s Union (FOOSU).

Nevertheless, we have had in the past, good Governors with good govenance such as Chief Segun Osoba, Otunba Gbenga Daniel etc. These Governors gave our Local Councils powers to execute projects. Example is the construction of Owode City Hall in Obafemi Owode LG, built by Engr, Babatunde Adesina led administration under OGD and up till today, the City Hall remains the only tangible means of Internal generated revenue (IGR) for that Local Government excluding the unnecessary camoflagging LCDAs created by Mr Philadelphia. Another good example is the shoping complex located at Isale Owode also in Obafemi Owode LG, during the time of Engr Adekunle Oni under the governorship of Chief Olusegun Osoba.

It is a pity that Governor Amosun is the type who doesn’t want others to grow, popular and be known for records except him alone. He has taken over the functions of the Local Government and thus, rendered Local Government useless. Local Government is the clossiest government to the people and must be well funded. You cannot claim to be building model schools that are of no use, constructing roads and bridges for personal profit making at the expense of the people and expect great celebration from the same people. Any Governor who punishes Local Government like the current one in Ogun State, is anti-people’s Governor. Such can be rightful said to be wicked, greedy and inhumane.

I have never in my life seen where a Governor asks his Local Government Chairmen to stand at the back of the door during a meeting as punishment, I have only seen Mr Amosun did. What a power intoxication! (Odun egungun ma to tan, omo alaagba yio pada rakara jeko). Well, His Excellency, Governor Ibikunle Amosun has done his bit and we appreciate him. Although, he is leaving our Local Councils in a state of coma, yet, we appreciate him for the bridges, and the built model schools.

At this point, we need to focus on the next administration. We have no power to dictate what the next administration will do but together, we can advise. Therefore, unbehalf of all well meaning sons and daughters of Ogun State home and abroad, I congratulate once again, the Ogun Governor-Elect, Prince Adedapo Abiodun MFR and humbly advise that his administration as promised, should return power back to our Local Councils, strengthening them and allowing the third tier of goveenment function. (ni agbara Oluwa, emi sise sise ti n ko sinu eniyan, ti eniyan fi n ko ehin si oloore, ko ni de ba yin ni oruko Jesu). You will succeed in Jesus name.

Ola Muritala wrote from Abeokuta