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Dapo Abiodun: Deconstructing Amosun’s Political Relevance



Ogun Assembly approves Gov Abiodun’s request to appoint advisers

By Ola Muritala

As the incubent Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun prepares to pass baton of leadership to the next manager who will from May 29, 2019 takes over the mantle of leadership in the State, and will be revered to as “Governor Dapo Abiodun” while at the other hand, Governor Amosun will thereafter be addressed as “former Governor Ibikunle Amosun”. Therefore, it is important that we review the physical performances of the outgoing Governor and basically, some of the outgoing Governor’s attitudes while in power and how the incoming Governor can overcome these attitudes and silence the political relevance of a friend who has firmly stood as his number one and most greatest political enemy through better attitudes and styles of leadership.

Furthermore, I am very much aware that the incoming Governor has appointed a huge number of qualified and capable hands as members and leaders of his Economic Transition Committee and work group who will make a lot of recommendations to him regarding governance. Hence, I will basically discuss attitudes and leadership in form of research outcome and personal observations as well as attracting commendations to the outgoing Governor where neccessasary, majorly for records and references.

So, before I symbolise my symbolic symbolism, I would like to emphasize my emphatic emphatism by confessing “that in the history of Ogun State, Governor Amosun remains the best Governor in terms of physical infrastural developments however, only in urban areas particularly, Abeokuta the State Capital which is reasonable to some extents but has brought about inequality and discrimination to the other parts of the State. Meanwhile, as a resident and citicizen of Ogun State, I would not like to be sentimental regarding this issue of inequality. Reason, we have also had a Governor from a different part of the State who did same. Thus, it seems to have become a tradition which should not stay if we must enjoy a true democracy and its dividends. Hence, the incoming government must be equitable to every region of the State if all round developments must be achieved”.

Nevertheless, a Yoruba proverb says “Iwa rere ni ewa ati eso eniyan”; meaning, “good Character is the beauty of a man”. Any man who lacks it, is ugly and inhuman. Factually speaking, ” Gomina Ibikunle Amosun se ise, sugbon won o seniyan”. Meaning, ” Governor Ibikunle Amosun performed excellently but he is inhumane”. When I continue to meditate and carry out different examinations on what could have been the mistake of the outgoing Governor that made majority of people within and outside the State to detest him ugly much, I discovered that if as a Governor, such has allowed his personal interests to override the interests of the people he governs, no matter how beautiful the bridges and roads constructed by him, he will end up being a super failure. Any Governor who is not a people oriented Governor, may end up being hated by virtually every Citizen of that State he governs. I want to believe this is one of the causes of peoples’ hatred for the Outgoing Governor of Ogun State despite the number of bridges and roads he constructed in Abeokuta.

Most importantly, I would like to call the attention of the incoming Governor to some bad attitudes of a Governor that he should not emulate or allow power to driving him at. “In my own small boy opinion”, who knows, these attitudes may have likely been major reasons the Governor was unable to install his godson as successor. The incoming Governor should therefore be careful of such attitudes after May29. Knowing perfectly well that power out bring pride and ego in Man, but due to the love I have for the incoming Governor and how he has helped me excel in life, I will not be able to keep quiet discussing these attitudes, despite I know him, (Prince Dapo Abiodun) to be a different person, it is however still neccessasary to out point such attitudes of a going Governor mainly for attaining success. Attitudes such as:

(1) Greed
(2) Lies
(3) Nepotism
(4) Arrogance
(5) Political Bitterness
(6) Intolerance
(7) Pride
(8) Caginging of followers
(9) unnecessary demolition of peoples’ properties and
(10) Lack of respect for people, fellow politicians, political appointees, Party members and others. Should be avoided.

Greed is something very disgusting to others who don’t have it. A selfish and excessive desires for more than is needed or deserved is one of those things the Governor-Elect must be careful of. Especially of money, wealth, and other possessions. Although, the Governor-Elect as a matter of fact is “a to ti ile tan” meaning, an already wealthy gem. All the same, this needs to be mentioned for a better end. Similarly, selfish desire for more than is needed (greediness) should not be entertained whatsoever. For instance, a Governor, (name withheld), is always a project contractor as well as the labourer, he is the alpha and omega of every project being awarded by the State Government. He is the author and finisher of all Local Government means of Internal Generated Revenue (IGR). This is not a good attitude for any Governor who must end well. The incoming Governor should let money circulate and as a matter of fact, he should not be alpha and omega of every project. Like a Governor. This is the number one way to silence the greedy Governor’s political relevance.

Lies and deceit will bring no good image to man but shame. If giving intentionally false information is the hobby of a Governor, most especially, one who does it publicly, such a Governor or leader will not end well.
Therefore, the incoming Governor should be careful of a deliberately false statements and an intentional falsehood. Such statements of public deceit will render any Governor useless and bring shame to his name and make him a no integrity Governor like a Governor whose first name has been changed by adding ‘iro” (lies) at the back of his name. The Governor-Elect can do it better by making sure that his “Yes” remains “Yes” and his “No” remains “No”. Although, I know the incoming Governor to be a faithful man and one who is full of integrity. Despite this, if His Excellency must succeed, he must continue in his usual act of faithfulness.

Nepotism is the most provoking thing to people. It provokes people who are more qualified to handle a task and are not given such task but instead, are given and awarded to friends and families. In any Government where high level of Nepotism is the king or leader in habit, people decide to join subjective criticisms and could also form some “groups of anti government”. So, any Governor who wants to succeed must not favour his relatives, family and personal friends because of his relationship with them rather than because of their abilities. We also talked about it when “Alhaji Agba, Alhaji kekere, Alhaji Oke, Alhaji Arin and Alhaji Isale” started dominating the affairs of every sector of the State’s economy in this present administration because of their relationship with the Governor.

But when we talked about it, we were asked to shut up our mouths by the authority. Today, Nepotism is one of the reasons many don’t like the government of the outgoing Governor. In a different opinion, people are beginning to see that the era of nepotism is already a “bye gone” thing in the administration of the State considering the appointment made by the State Governor-Elect of His Economic Transition Committee, Work groups and other appointment so far. Somebody like me and others who understand good leadership and how things work administratively are convinced that the incoming Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun is a man of honour, integrity and one who does not promote nepotism but an “all inclusive governance”.

Arrogance and stubborness will not only destroy any Governor who has it but will also blindfold the Governor to out point his mistakes and subject self to possible corrections. The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner will not lead any Governor or leader to any good end but failure. that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree will also not allow any leader who has it, to listen to peoples’ advice. Thus, the leader becomes “eyi o wa a wi, ti inu mi ni ma se” like someone who will be vacating office in days time. Sincerely, this is bad and should not be tolerated in one’s attitudes if a better end must be achieved.

Political Bitterness is also a serious matter that should be looked into. Why should any reasonable Governor in this 21st century be so bittered to the point that he destroys peoples’ properties who do not support his political ideology or who are not on the same political page with him? This is bad and acrimonious. In fact, very dangerous for any Governor who must end well. For this reason, the incoming Governor should not emulate this attitude but look for a more romantic ways in which he can draw whoever that is not on the same political page with him to his side and always have it in his mind that “not everybody will be his friends”. There must be critics”.

Intolerance will definately lead to the sack and dismiss of labour and labour leaders, dismantle of opposition bill boards and posters, attempt to dethrone monarchs etc. A good Governor accepts and accommodates all forms of criticisms which could either be through protest or otherwise. With this, great end is achievable.

Pride leads to destruction. If a Governor had not being rude to the likes of Asiwaju Bola Tinunbu, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Comr Adams Oshiomole and Chief Segun Osoba, I doubt if his intention to install a successor would be unsuccessful. But because he had demonstrated a high level of pride and arrogance towards these leaders, he failed to achieve his selfish aim. Therefore, pride leads to failure and a total destruction and for anyone who wants to be successful, pride should not be part of his attitudes.

Caging of followers is also when as a Governor, you refused to allow your followers most especially, the political appointees attend occations or outings because you don’t want them to make names like you. You only want your name to be heard everywhere. This is not good for any Governor who must end well. A Governor is presently doing this. Sincerely, it is bad!

Unnecessary Demolition of Peoples’ Properties. Although, some properties need to be demolished for infrastaral developments but not as much and unnecessarily as we experience it in the Government of a Governor. There are some peoples’ properties that were demolished across the State just for nothing. Governnent only demolished these properties without doing anything tangible as developmental projects in the areas where such properties were demolished and even refused to pay owners the required compensations. In fact, less than 1month to end a Tenure as Governor, the Government still demolishes peoples’ properties. This is not good for any Governor who desires a good end.

Finally, lack of respect for people, fellow politicians, political associates and appointees, Party members and others is a very critical issue that must be carefully looked into using a Governor as a case study. I have seen where the Governor directly told some elected Council Chairmen in the State to stand at the back of door throughout a meeting period at as part of their punishments for not generating enough IGR in their various Local Council areas. While asking them to do this, he also called them names. In one of his speeches to a Local Government Chairman, the Governor said, ” you are stupid and dull you cannot even think out of box”. If I lie, ask my local Government Chairman. Anyway, I will not tell you the Local Government I represent but whenever you see my Council Chairman, ask him.

Also, this Governor insults his Commissioners and SAs as if he is God who created heaven and earth. In addition to this issue of disrespect to people, apart from the ideas of the Governor I am talking about, no one else has got a better idea, absolutely, no one has brain except him. In short, to him, everybody is “no brain” This is not good. A better attitude can be adopted by the incoming Governor in other to make differences. A good Governor should respect people, his political Party leaders, political appointees, Citizens, Local Government Chairmen and in fact, everybody only if he wants to be liked and loved by virtually everyone. May be that is what the Governor don’t know. But sorry, it is late. However, not late for the incoming Governor to learn from the mistakes of the Governor in question and take out the opportunity to silence the Governor political relevance in 3 Months of govenace.

Above all, the Yorubas are very brilliant, brave and gifted mostly when it comes to proverbs and parables. They say, ” efin ni iwa, ti a ba bo mole, bope, boya, yio je jade.” meaning, I have only said my own but the good characters that we know with the incoming Governor-Elect, Prince Dapo Abiodun will continue to characterize his characteristics. “Ni agbara Oluwa, Omoba Dapo Abiodun e o ni sise, Olorun aseyori a ba yin se yori. Arise ni arika, arika baba iregun, ohun a ba se loni, oro itan ni bi o d’ola”. Prince Dapo Abiodun will succeed in Jesus name.

Muritala, a journalist and political analyst writes from Abeokuta