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Group evolves strategies to deepen Nigeria’s leadership quality



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The Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) says it has mapped out strategies to enhance leadership skills, especially among youths toward shaping them into a responsible and patriotic citizen.

Mr Adewale Adefowoju, ACLN Global President, made this known on Wednesday in Lagos.

ACLN was established in the United States in 2015 as a platform that brings Nigerians, across the globe, together to advocate for good governance and visionary leaders in Nigeria.

With its membership strength which cuts across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia; it seeks to pursue its vision of reforming and regaining Nigeria’s lost glory as an enviable pillar to the whole world.

Adefowoju said that lack of quality leadership was responsible for the myriad of challenges affecting the development of the country across all sectors.

“Over the years, Nigeria has gradually degenerated into a society where hard work, integrity and accountability are no longer celebrated, and values are no longer worth living for.

“Nigeria’s political terrain, for instance, has marred the thinking of people, since becoming a politician has been seen as avenues to amass wealth and not to serve one’s nation.

“Religion has also been embraced in a wrong manner, which has inadvertently encouraged laziness instead of hard work,” he said.

Adefowoju said that to address these anomalies, the association would strive to create ACLN Ambassador Club in all secondary schools across the country, just like the Jet clubs and Debate Clubs.

“In schools, we hope to connect with the younger generation and provide them with leadership trainings; workshops and mentoring that will enhance their leadership skills and get them on a path of responsible citizenship.

“Members will be more enlightened about their civic responsibilities and will work on projects that will create values like integrity, accountability, and patriotism in them which is lacking in our society today.

“We, then hope that these younger ones will go out there and live those values thereby impacting their communities and nation as a whole,” he said.

According to him, ACLN Ambassador Club has been inaugurated in about 10 schools in Lagos, and working assiduously on achieving a quick spread across the states and to other schools in the country.

Adefowoju said that membership in the club would allow youths to participate in ACLN leadership programmes and seminars, both locally and internationally, as the opportunities come.

“The leaders today did not drop from heaven, they all emerged from the people.

“But, because they were never equipped with what it takes to lead, they become what we continually see in the political, academic and financial space today.

“As the ACLN Ambassadors find themselves in the position of leadership, we expect to see selflessness in their service for the nation,” he said.

Adefowoju advised young ACLN Ambassadors to be focussed and be the change they want to see; saying that Nigeria could be great again, and all citizens need to work together to make it happen.

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