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Canada: Iyameto Production holds first annual cultural funfair, as Bajinotu Poka shines in Toronto



The much awaited First Iyameto Productions Annual Cultural Funfair tagged ‘’ Entrenching Cultural Heritage Trough Traditional Games, Arts and Entertainment’’ has taken place in Toronto, Canada. Among dignitaries that attended the event included the representative of Canada’s Prime Minister, Mr Justin Trudeau, Representative of the Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada, Hon. Adeyinka Asekun, Hon. Jim Karygiannis, who was physically present and Oba Dr Adekunle Asamu Oyeyemi, The Tewogbade 1, the Oloba of Oba Ile.

Also at the event was Oba Adekunle Oyelude Makama, The Olowu Kuta of Osun State; Hon. Dr Jean Augustine, The First black woman in Canadian Parliament and Chief Mrs Nike Okundaye, The Chairperson, Nike Art Gallery, Lagos who was the mother of the day.

The major sponsor of the event, Bajinotu Poka, The Number 1 herbal drink in Nigeria, was on stand to entertain the guests. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Seakam Global Resources , Mr Ayinla Kazeem Abiodun, represented by Alhaji Semiu Afolabi, stated that partnering with Iyameto Production in Canada was a great experience as the product has been the favourite of many Nigerians in the country.

In his goodwill address to the event, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated: ‘’I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending the Annual Cultural Funfair, ‘’ Entrenching Cultural Heritage through Traditional Games & Entertainment’’.

The PM pointed out that that the event ‘’ offers participants a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, and to recognise the significant contributions Canadians of Nigerian descent have made, and continue to make, to our country in all fields of endeavour’’.

While congratulating Chief Funmi Olumade, Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada, Ambassador Adeyinka Asekun stated that Iyameto Productions has been doing a good job in the promotion of Yoruba rich cultural heritage in Canada; saying the achievements have been possible through hard work, dedication, faith and believing in oneself.

For Chief Funmi Olumade, ‘’Entrenching Cultural Heritage Through Traditional Games, Arts and Entertainment’’ is the debut of what is being planned as an annual event that has main vision and driving mission, to bring together African-Caribbeans, indigenous African Descents, friends of Nigeria, and diverse Canadian communities together to network, have fun and appreciate the beauty of the culture.’’

Chief Olumade, widely known across the Nigerian community in Canada, said despite the fact that organising cultural events could be an hearculean task, pointed out that dedication, enthusiasm and passion of the organising team made the event possible. Iyameto Productions is an entertainment and broadcast outfit specializing in event management and consultation, registered in Canada.



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