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We Are Really NOT What We Think We Are



Look at our Govt officials, looting money in the midst of a pandemic.
All the contributions. They have forgotten that they are not to be spared by the sword.
They assume too quick that it will leave as it came.

Yes, it will but remember, it might take you along.
You that is piling up money in your store house waiting for an opportunity to oppress the poor.
Nigerian politicians. Very aged, Grey haired men but they still shit in their pants. They embrace shame like the chords of Orion.

Having no thought of the loneliness that awaits them in the grave.
You can steal all the money as you want, you can expose the poor all you want.
You can ignore all our citizens abroad all you want but take this to heart that this season is the approval of how the camel doesn’t fit through the eye of a needle.

God will show you all, that whoever mocks the poor reproach their maker.
He will come strong for the weak and hopeless, feeble Nigerians but your own defence will be plunged to confusion from the rear.All your Human defences will fail, your very close associate will be the conduit to your affliction.

You will all die like mere men.
Nothing will be glorious about your passing.
The mourning will only come from your children and the lying tongues that you fed at the expense of justice.

As God tears down so as to build, as he slains a life so as to save it, as he walketh men through poverty to deliver unto them riches, so he will visit these wicked men. Then peace will come on our land and his name alone will be glorified.



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