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Pan-Igbo pageant unveiled amidst pandemic



As the Corona Virus pandemic ravages across the world, with millions of job losses, businesses adversely affected across industries, a startup in Nigeria has unveiled an online beauty pageant called Miss Olamma Africa Pageant.
The founder and CEO of Emvirtue Network Emmanuel Ezima popularly known as Ogbuefi unveiled the website and opened it up for contestants registration on the 1st of May, 2020.

Emmanuel in an address to different audience across WhatsApp and his social platforms opined that Olamma Africa Pageant will be the biggest Pan-Igbo online pageant in the world. He explained that this is a very auspicious time where only the most innovative projects and brands will survive.

He said he is deliberately focusing on the Igbo market segment because Igbo Women represent the very best in Africa and Miss Olamma Africa Pageant is designed to view the depth of the beauty in Africa, enterprise, lifestyle, strength, tenacity and culture of Africa through the eyes of the Igbo Woman.

It is expected that over 5000 Igbo women will enter the contest from all over the world and the winners get 10million Naira in cash prizes, car, all expense paid international trip to Zanzibar, lavish weekend at Bonny Island, media tour, gift, brand engagements, etc.

The grand finale which will take place in the idyllic undulating Coal City State of Enugu during October will gather political leaders, captains of industries, celebrities, and a full swarm of the press. He said one of the biggest highlights of the main event will be the moment over 2000 capacity audience, and the millions viewing across the world would be asked to stand up and observe a minute silence in honour of all those we’ve lost to the corona virus.

Ogbuefi said he is determined to key into the Eastern market and rev up the engine of the eastern enterprise like never before seen. His mindset is to find a silver lining of hope amidst this pandemic. Hope that whilst the world will be permanently altered, we can still live, laugh, celebrate our humanity, and move forward together.



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