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Altec CEO, Gerry Weiner bag migration Merit Awards



The duo of Altec Global Inc CEO, Susan Gong, the former Canada’s Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Hon Gerry Weiner, have bagged merit awards bestowed on them by the Journalists International Forum for Migration (JIFORM) at the African Migration Summit recently held in Accra, Ghana.

”Migrants are crucial to the advancement of the global economy. As of 2019, according to the United
Nations, in a report captured by the international organization for Migration (IOM), there are 272
million international migrants across the globe, however the latest report suggests that the figure is now over one billion”, Hon Gerry Weiner stated while delivery his speech titled: A World Without Borders. Health. Wealth, and Education. The Covid Reality.

He pointed out that ”Humankind is now facing a global crisis. the biggest crisis of our generation. We are about to enter the second year of this Pandemic and the decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks, and months, will shape the world for years to come. They will shape not just our healthcare systems, but also our economy, politics and culture.  We have been witness to our very existence being placed at risk, as the death and destruction of the Virus has devastated the entire world. We seem powerless to act, as we waited with bated breath for the development of Vaccines, and innovative therapies. Our very existence was now being placed in doubt”.

”Migrants are instruments of economic activity…I am The perfect example, presently working with 3
companies; Susan Gong, who originally came from Taiwan, and her Altec Global Capital  team; Michael
Shribman and the APS group , who came to Canada, from Europe and Israel, now having developed one
of the best Startup Visa programs; and Rafik Salib, a developer from Egypt and Germany
If there is one thing we have learned in this year, of worldwide devastation. The Covid year, everyone
must work together in the development of the vaccines, and the accompanying therapies, we must work
together to save humankind. It did not matter, where the research was being carried out, information
was shared instantly”, he added.

While emphasising on the impact of Covid-19, she stated that ”“ a recent survey of 37 countries indicates that 3 in 4 households suffered declining income since the start of the pandemic, with 82% of poorer households affected. The impacts on different communities depends entirely on their specific circumstances. In the US, for example, over 2 million more households claim that they do not have enough to eat since the pandemic. In fact, one in five African American households says they are going hungry”.

For Susan Gong, while speaking on ”Canadian Immigration Process and Benefits to Africans”, harped that Altec Global Inc, has been instrumental to many immigration successes, pointing out Africans should use the open door policy of Canada to migrate in a regular way.

Based on her experience, she pointed out that ”3 in 4 African Students applying for visa in
Canada have been rejected in 2019”. This, according to her has been based on: incomplete forms, fraudulent application, inconsistent application, lack of supplementary documents/evidence and lack of fund.

She therefore pointed out that Altec Global could be on assistance in this regard based on the company’s success rate. ”Our high success rate – we do not take on any cases where we think it will be rejected.
Our high success rate Honesty is the best policy We provide accurate, up-to-date, Canadian visa immigration policies. We only take on any cases that will not be rejected. Our team has combined over 100 years of experience in the immigration field”, she added.