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Medical expert recommends regular breast check against cancer



A medical expert, Dr Eric Okunna, has advised women to do self breast check once a month as a proactive measure to checkmate cancer.

Okunna gave the advice in an interview with our correspondent in Awka on Thursday, while speaking on breast care.

He said the examination could be carried out, especially while taking a bath.

According to him, it is beneficial for women to examine their breast once a month in order to detect on time, if there is reason to worry or not.

“And if one discovers any abnormal character, like a lump or fluid from the nipples, then she needs to visit a medical expert for clinical examination and diagnosis.”

“It is only on such situation that one can go for a mammogram test because it is a high dose X-ray test for the chest to check out the breast character.”

“Though the mammogram test is not a 100 per cent diagnosis of a tiny breast character, it can give you idea that the breast is fine.”

“It is more result-oriented for a woman who examines her breast monthly to be able to explain any abnormality, for a medical doctor to say there is a problem or not.”

“It is more advisable to be sure that there are reasons to go for a mammogram test than to just walk up to a doctor to request for the test.”

“Self examining breast tissue down to the nipples with a little press to check if fluid will come out or presence of any sign not normal than usual size is more advisable than rushing to have a mammogram test,” Okunna said.

He said that breast cancer had become the commonest killer among women and urged women from 20 years and above to always examine themselves on a monthly basis.

The medical practitioner described self breast examination as the primary step to take as care for the breast to avoid breast cancer.

He said that screening would only become necessary, if abnormal character was felt on the breast during the examination.

Okunna said that early detection of any unusual character on the breast can help cure potential cancer.

He advised women to check the history of breast cancer in their family and start on time to examine themselves.

“Exposure to radiation, obesity, excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco, late child birth, among others, should also be checked.”

He further urged women to get familiar with their breasts and make a quick visit to a specialist, whenever they noticed any lump on their breast for screening and treatment.

Mrs Adaobi Okafor, an Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Services, Nnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy, Nnewi, also spoke on care for the breast as early measure to check breast cancer.

Okafor said that self-examination of the breast from the armpit is key to cure of any growth on the breast.

She said that periodic self-examination is very vital and should be done immediately after monthly menstrual circle to help early detection and cure for cancer.

She said that any slight difference on the breast structure, whether discharge, malignant or benign close to the armpit, should be investigated by a specialist.

“Whenever you notice any change in the shape of the breast or any form of growth, although painless, do not hold such wrong perception as nothing is wrong, see a doctor,” she said

Okafor warned women to be circumspect with what they eat and to keep away from fatty and fried diets in order to live a healthy life.

She also advised women to engage in physical activities, saying that sedentary life style encourages cancer to thrive.

“Women should be active people to be able ward off all forms of health challenges,” she said.

Joy Mbachi

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