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Fiyhona signs deal with Godfada Empire



It’s no gain saying, Nigerians are uniquely talented, and the world has come to acknowledge this fact.  This is further put paid by the recent wave of Nigerian artistes taking the center stage of global entertainment. Joining the growing list of these rave making stars celebrated globally with the Afrobeats sound is the talented Bamidele Fiyinfoluwa, who is professionally known by the stage name, Fiyhona.

The fast rising fashionable singer who recently pen a recording deal with Godfada Empire Entertainment professionally started her  music career in 2020 but due her natural talent, one would think she has been in the industry for ages.
Exuding great confidence, intelligence and royalty, Fiyhona exhibits her preparedness to take the world by storm. Given this, it is therefore not out of place to say that it is  another win for the music industry and exciting moment for music lovers as music talent is set leave fans wowed.
Asked how she feels being signed by Godfada Empire Entertainment, Fiyhona said “I feel so motivated for the recognition and support from the management. I feel really proud and ready to begin working with them. Commenting on recording deal, Ernest Nniga aka Godfather, chief executive officer, Godfada Empire Entertainment, encouraged mudic lovers and Nigerians to look forward the Fiyhona brand.
He said, “They should stay tuned and expect music, art and entertainment from this black lady in ways the world has never experienced. “It is obvious the music industry seemed saturated with a lot of talents coming out everyday but there is something unique about Fiyhona that we believe the world needs to see and we are so blessed to be the company showing Fiyhona to the world.”
“I believe Fiyhona will give any artiste a run for their money in ways that will bring entertainment to the floor of the Nigerian music industry. I am more than excited myself and I can’t wait for her to get started,” he added.

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