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A jolly human angel… returning to base



“Eheen hen? …Bambulu”
“You heard too, right”?
“I did Bambuu… and that was disappointingly sad, to say the least. I mean, that appears to be callous and a rude departure, I mean, how could you just gerrout like that like you are ….”

“Igbagbo, listen. I did not and never plan nor wanted it. Just as you guys are grieving right now, I am seriously pained too. You know that I enjoyed life so much and would have chosen to still be around you guys…”

“That is the most difficult thing to understand…you loved life and we had great memorable times together…hopefully you would…”

“Stop it, Igbagbo! Hopefully kinni? (laughing)…. That I will love life on this other side or what? Or do you want to come over ni” (hard laughter)
“Ahhhh…ko ti ya oo Bambuu…but, iku lo sure ju! I just remember those great times we shared together at Awori Street, Egbeda, when we were both bachelors” (hard laughter).

“Those days when I had our car…”
“Our car abi your epileptic black Passat… (hard laughter) That reminds me of your good nature and large-heartedness, it was your car but you did not care, we used it for my benefit, far more than yours…Whatever was yours, was mine. You would rather allow me to have anything yours over what I would ordinarily be entitled, remember”?

“Yes nau, remember that Sunday morning when you came in with two ‘fishes’? Even after you found out that one of them wanted to give me a biting slice, you offered me and…”

“…you had more than a slice” (hard laughter).
“We can’t be saying these shitty escapades at this sobering moment of your transition. We should be reminded of what your life was like, while you lived. You were nice and very charitable, even to a fault. Remember January 1st 1996? I invited you to a gig where my friend was going to perform.
You came because of me, right from work (even as it was a holiday), at Mosimi depot, Sagamu. The show was just revving up when the musician’s mom, passed away.
She lived right opposite the venue and the news ended the show. Remember? We needed money to get a death certificate that night, and to transfer her body to the morgue. None of us had money. Not even the bereaved could muster N3,000 for the initial deposit. You promptly opened the trunk of your flat-boot Mercedes Benz and asked us to take as much money as was needed! You were not close to the bereaved as I was, yet, you offered succor, by easing his pain, when it was most unexpected. How else could anybody be more benevolent, without any expectation of gratification in return”!
“I still remember the event like the back of my palm…”

“Bambuu, as you are finally starting the beginning of your transition on 9th June, I can only wish you the peace of your Maker. Be at peace with your soul as you are rested. Be assured that your good deeds are here. They are testaments to the fact that a jolly human angel is returning to base. The memory shared together is our consolation that one day, at everyone’s chosen time, we shall meet to part no more.”

“This drew me to tears, Igbagbo”
“Me too. I am teary already, Bambuu. It is with courage and peace of God that I am doing this.. …Good night, Abimbola Aworeni.”

Tribute to my dear friend Hon Abimbola Aworeni aka ‘Skolo’ whom I loved to call Bambulu

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Fayth Deleola Daramola

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