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Battle of minds begins: 294 Army Officers enter crucial exam arena



The stage is set for a dramatic showdown of intellects as 294 Army Officers step onto the battlefield of knowledge.

In a week-long spectacle that promises to test their mettle, the Senior Staff Course Qualifying Examination has descended upon the Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna State like a tempest.

Whispers of anticipation sweep through the air, carried by the winds of competition. The Nigerian Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) orchestrates this grand spectacle of intellectual prowess, a battlefield of paper and pen where futures are forged and destinies shaped.

Leading the charge as the President of the Examination Board is Maj.-Gen. Kelvin Aligbe, a commander with a stern gaze and a resounding voice. With thunderous authority, he declares that this examination serves as a crucial rite of passage, the gateway to the esteemed Senior Staff Course at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), Jaji, and other prestigious staff colleges across the globe.

Aligbe’s warning resounds like a battle cry against malpractice, a declaration that the integrity of this arena will not be sullied. As he stands on the precipice of this intellectual battleground, he exhorts the officers to rise above temptation, to embrace the power of legitimate achievement.

Addressing the officers, Aligbe reiterates that this examination is a trial by fire, a testament of their readiness to shoulder greater responsibilities.

Each question, he asserts, mirrors challenges that may arise in the barracks during peace, a simulation of exercises and operations. The stakes are high, for this examination is more than a test; it’s a gauge of their preparedness for the future.

Yet, hope glimmers amidst the trials. The Commander imparts the golden rule: a candidate must score a minimum of 50 percent in all subjects to qualify for selection to the AFCSC. He reminds them that perseverance is their ally, that the battlefield of education rewards determination.

But the Commander’s words carry weight. He warns that cheating, that elusive specter, will not be tolerated. Those who falter will be cast aside, their dreams shattered under the weight of integrity.

As the officers prepare for this monumental challenge, the Commander Infantry Corps, Maj.-Gen. Olufemi Oluyede, lends his voice to the chorus.

He exhorts them to abide by the rules, to march forth with integrity and discipline, for this examination is the crucible that will elevate them to the echelons of the Nigerian Army’s middle cadre.

The battlefield is set, and the officers prepare to march in, to duel with questions that hold the keys to their futures. The stage is alight with anticipation, a symphony of rustling papers and beating hearts.

The countdown has begun, and the nation watches as these officers march towards destiny, determined to conquer with the power of their minds.

Mohammed Tijjani

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