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Festus Keyamo’s pledge: A thunderous vow to President and Senate



Festus Keyamo, the formidable ministerial nominee hailing from Delta, has just ignited a firestorm with his electrifying commitment.

He declared with unwavering conviction that he’s ready to set the stage ablaze and make history, all thanks to the resolute nomination by none other than President Bola Tinubu.

Hold onto your seats, because Keyamo, a former Minister of State for Employment, Labour and Productivity, didn’t hold back his thunderous gratitude during his riveting address in Abuja. He showered the Senate with accolades for their unparalleled generosity in considering his nomination, vowing to rise to the occasion and meet their expectations.

In a press briefing that echoed through the corridors of power, Keyamo roared, “I extend my deepest gratitude to the Senate for their extraordinary consideration. And I must express my utmost appreciation to Mr. President for entrusting me with this rare, invaluable opportunity to serve our beloved nation.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – brace yourselves for Keyamo’s electrifying vow: “Make no mistake, I stand before you to declare that I will not falter. I will not falter in my mission to fulfill the expectations of Mr. President and the Senate. I give my word.”

It’s not just about the grand declarations; Keyamo’s words are laced with invaluable wisdom and lessons learned from the intricate dance between the executive and legislative branches. He champions the idea that sometimes, compromise is the key to delivering the much-needed fruits of democracy to the people. It’s a symphony of dedication to the greater good.

With a thunderous applause to the Senate President and all the distinguished Senators, Keyamo’s voice boomed like a rallying cry: “I am grateful for your benevolence. Your trust in me will be rewarded through my unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s progress.”

Hold onto your hats, because Keyamo’s vow isn’t just a promise – it’s a declaration of intent that reverberates like an anthem of dedication. With his name etched in the annals of political history, the stage is set for Keyamo to make a seismic impact on the nation’s future.

Naomi Sharang

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