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Subsidy removal: Coalition hails Tinubu’s bold stand amidst economic turmoil




In a sensational twist that reverberated through the nation, the Coalition for the Survival of Nigeria (CSN), a stalwart civil society organization, has thundered its stance on the bone-chilling aftermath of the petroleum subsidy removal.

The seismic upheaval unleashed by this economic maneuver was not lost on the watchful eyes of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

In a resounding declaration at a news conference held in Abuja on Monday, the coalition illuminated the saga of the nation, casting its optimism onto the horizon. With unwavering conviction, they heralded the dawn of a silver lining, asserting that the palliative measures unfurled by Tinubu’s bold governance would eventually cradle the economy, cushioning its collision with the edge of uncertainty.

Chief Ezekiel Afukonyo, the fiery chairman of the coalition, hailed Tinubu’s mettle in confronting the tempestuous issue of subsidy head-on, like a valiant captain steering through treacherous waters. A salute to the audacity that carved these drastic measures into reality was evident in Afukonyo’s words, ringing with the thunder of commendation.

“We bear witness to the economic tempest engulfing our land and share the tribulations of our fellow citizens. Our salute goes to the indomitable spirit of Nigerians who stand united in patience and support,” Chief Afukonyo roared, urging President Tinubu to remain steadfast, an unswerving guardian steering the vessel of Nigeria’s economy through the tempest of corruption.

In a blaze of economic metamorphosis, Nigeria’s landscape underwent a dramatic facelift through the twin policies of petrol subsidy removal and foreign exchange floatation, unveiled like a dazzling phoenix in Tinubu’s inaugural speech on May 29. The government, a thunderous advocate of these measures, cited them as the necessary keys to unlock funds for the nation’s metamorphosis and to finally shackle the demons of corruption and economic sabotage.

However, these seismic shifts did not come without consequence. The collective cost of living spiked, echoing like a resounding clap of thunder among ordinary Nigerians, casting them into the eye of the economic storm. As a response, the government unfurled its palliative measures, seeking to soothe the quaking grounds of the populace.

Amidst this turmoil, CSN hailed the steadfast dialogue championed by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), an echoing proclamation of democracy’s power to reshape the nation’s course.

In the labyrinthine corridors of Niger Republic’s political maze, CSN applauded ECOWAS for its swift response to the crisis, a blazing beacon of action in tumultuous times. Yet, as echoes of caution resounded, they fervently called for the avoidance of military incursions, urging diplomacy to reign supreme and to tread the path of dialogue before the drums of war beat too loud.

In a final crescendo of commendation, CSN hailed Tinubu’s artful orchestration of appointments. They crowned the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen. George Akume, and the Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, as “round pegs in round holes,” resonating with the pulse of expertise and synergy.

In the cataclysmic waves of subsidy removal, in the face of economic tempests and political crossroads, President Tinubu’s administration continues to carve its legacy, leaving an indelible imprint on the nation’s journey through the storm.

Kayode Adebiyi

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