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Young innovators ignite a revolution: Government urged to fuel the fire



A seismic wave of innovation crashes through the corridors of education as 150 secondary school students from 11 schools across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) astound the nation with their groundbreaking creations.

The stage is set at the Afrelib Academy Tech and Career Expo in Abuja, where these youthful visionaries unveil a trove of ingenious solutions to real-world problems, casting a dazzling spotlight on the boundless potential of Nigeria’s future.

In a stirring plea that resonates like a rallying cry, these young pioneers beseech the Federal Government to thrust its weight behind their innovations, propelling these sparks of genius into the fires of real-world application. Their message reverberates with urgency, a call to action echoing through the air.

Rahamah Musa, a beacon of hope from Great Heights Academy, Kado, takes center stage, her eyes aflame with conviction. Her invention, a farm intruder alert system, aims to shield the nation’s farmers from the sinister shadows of intrusion and violence. With the haunting report of farmer killings haunting the nation, Musa’s creation emerges as a lifeline, a technological guardian that detects and warns property owners of impending danger.

Musa’s words pierce the air, dripping with a mix of sorrow and defiance. “Over 3,000 farmers slaughtered in a decade,” she laments, shaking the very core of the audience. The audience can’t help but listen, captivated by her impassioned plea. The stakes are high, and her plea for government support becomes a rallying cry for security and progress.

But Musa is not alone in her quest. A team from Premiere Academy, led by the unwavering Akamba Isoni, takes the stage with an autonomous quadcopter parcel delivery drone that could revolutionize remote area transport. The innovation resonates with audacity—parcel delivery without human intervention. It’s a modern marvel, and Isoni’s call for government equipment and backing becomes a demand that reverberates like a thunderclap.

Praise Olusanya from Olumawu College, Wuse steps up, her invention a testament to both innovation and environmental consciousness. Her fire-fighting drone rises like a phoenix from recycled materials, a guardian angel poised to minimize casualties. Her words echo like a rallying cry for action, and the audience is captivated by the courage behind her creation.

Behind the scenes, Afrelib Academy’s Joy Gomina speaks with a passionate fire, declaring the inevitable transformation of the world and the need for students to wield skills that transcend conventional education. With the thunderous applause of innovation as her backdrop, she speaks of the transformation that awaits the workforce of tomorrow.

The stage is ablaze with fervor, a showcase of brilliance and potential. Joseph Ajuwon, Co-founder of Afrelib Academy, unleashes a plea that reverberates like an electric shock through the audience. He calls for the nation to fan the flames of these young innovators’ dreams, fueling their creations to the heights of global recognition.

As the curtain falls on this symphony of innovation, a passionate call resounds: “Support these heroes in the making.” From teachers to students, the clarion call echoes—technology, education, and government must unite. The echoes fade, leaving a trail of inspiration and a nation poised for a revolutionary leap into the future.

Funmilayo Adeyemi

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