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FGN bond auction rakes in ₦312.56 billion amidst market heat



In a financial frenzy that defies market odds, the Debt Management Office (DMO) orchestrates a spectacular show of fiscal fervor.

The August auction of Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) bonds becomes a theatrical display of investor hunger, as the DMO’s coffers are flooded with a staggering subscription of ₦312.56 billion.

The grand stage for this financial drama was set on Monday, where monetary policy uncertainty hung heavy in the air like an electric charge. Amidst this atmosphere, the DMO unveiled four instruments, a quartet of offerings that sent shockwaves through the market. The instruments, each bearing a distinct promise, were paraded before the investing masses.

The stars of the show included the illustrious 14.55 per cent April 2029 FGN bond, the enigmatic 14.70 per cent June 2033 FGN bond, the captivating 15.45 per cent June 2038 FGN bond, and the majestic 15.70 per cent June 2053 FGN bond. Together, they presented a dazzling array of investment opportunities, valued at an astounding N360 billion.

Against all odds, in a market roiling with uncertainty, investors rushed in, their fervor unquenchable. The mighty 15.70 June 2053 bond, a phoenix rising from the ashes of market turmoil, commanded the spotlight. Its allure was undeniable, boasting a bid-to-cover ratio that defied gravity at a staggering 2.71 times.

As the auction dust settled, a crescendo of triumph echoed through the financial corridors. Successful bidders rejoiced as they were showered with a bounty of N227.76 billion in allotted amounts. The numbers danced to a symphony of interest rates – 13.85 per cent for the resilient 14.55 per cent April 2029 instrument, 15.00 per cent for the cryptic 14.70 per cent June 2033 bond, 15.20 per cent for the captivating 15.45 per cent June 2038 instrument, and 15.85 per cent for the majestic 15.70 per cent June 2053 offering.

The DMO, the conductor of this financial opera, stood in awe of the crescendo they had orchestrated. In a declaration that resonated with the triumph of the moment, they declared, “Investors have spoken, their appetite undiminished.”

This FGN bond auction, a dynamic performance of fiscal resilience, reaffirmed the sovereign’s commitment to its borrowing path. As the curtains draw on this financial spectacle, it is clear that amidst the uncertain tides of the market, the appetite for government securities burns brighter than ever.

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Kadiri Abdulrahman

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