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Unical suspends Dean of Law over allegations of misconduct and high-handedness



In a shocking turn of events, the prestigious halls of the University of Calabar have been rocked by the thunderous suspension of Prof. Cyril Ndifon, a once-respected figure who held the esteemed position of Dean of the Faculty of Law.

The allegations against him has crescendo to a point where the institution’s management could no longer turn a blind eye.

The incendiary decree that sealed Ndifon’s fate was immortalized in ink, bearing the indelible signature of the university’s Registrar, Mr. Gabriel Egbe. With the force of a thunderbolt, the missive proclaimed that Ndifon’s reign of power had crumbled, as his suspension was ushered in with a blaze of glory on a fateful Thursday.

Whispers of an uprising by agitated law students lent an air of drama to the unfolding saga. These fiery scholars held placards aloft, accusing Ndifon of being a puppeteer of “high-handedness and improper behavior toward female students,” an accusation that sent shockwaves through the campus.

But this was not Ndifon’s first dance with controversy. The annals of history hold another dark chapter, a tale of a 20-year-old 400 level student who claimed to be a victim of his alleged sexual assault back in 2015. The echoes of that scandal had barely faded when the National Industrial Court resoundingly validated his suspension in 2016.

This recent suspension, like a bolt of lightning, struck in the wake of Ndifon’s response to a stern inquiry from the management, a response that seemingly failed to appease the formidable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Obi. The letter of doom echoed her dissatisfaction, paving the way for a seismic upheaval.

Within the carefully chosen words of the letter, the Vice Chancellor’s decree echoed like a resolute gavel strike. “Your explanations have failed to satiate my concerns,” her words reverberated, and the next move was swift. The institution’s hallowed halls, once graced by Ndifon’s presence, were suddenly denied him. The mantle of the Dean’s office was snatched away and placed in suspension, dangling precariously on a precipice.

But the tale doesn’t end here. The darkness of these allegations is about to be illuminated by the searing light of a panel, a panel that will convene to dissect and deliberate over the accusations that have shaken the very foundations of the Faculty of Law. Prof. Cyril Ndifon’s legacy has been cast into the crucible of investigation, where truth and justice await their reckoning.

As the dust settles, a stern edict resounds, commanding Ndifon to relinquish the keys to his kingdom. All university properties must be surrendered, every trace of his official dominion ceded to the Sub-Dean who steps up to fill the void.

Amidst the tumult, a chilling directive emerges, reminiscent of an echo from the shadows. Ndifon is banished from the university’s sacred grounds, a specter lingering only to respond to the beckoning call of the panel.

The University of Calabar, once a bastion of knowledge, stands at a crossroads, grappling with the fallout of this explosive suspension. As the panel convenes and investigations unravel, the saga of Prof. Cyril Ndifon hurtles toward its denouement, a tale of hubris, accountability, and the pursuit of truth.

Christian Njoku

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