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Revolutionary rally: NLC ignites workers’ might for national prosperity



In an electrifying declaration that shook the very foundations of Ado-Ekiti, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) roared with conviction on Monday, proclaiming that the enlightenment of its workforce through relentless training was the ignition key to propel our great nation towards unfathomable progress.

At the epic 31st Annual Industrial Relations Seminar of the Chemical Footwear Rubber Leather and non-Metallic Products Employees (NUCFRLANMPE), Mr. Joe Ajaero, the indomitable NLC President, thundered his beliefs for all to hear. With the seminar’s theme, “Social dialogue as a vehicle for promoting decent work and industrial harmony,” emblazoned as the guiding star, Ajaero rallied the troops.

In a jaw-dropping address, delivered with an intensity that could rival a volcanic eruption, Ajaero, represented by the unyielding state NLC Chairman, Mr. Kolapo Olatunde, warned that the hallowed workers must be battle-ready to confront the ominous ‘forces of retrogression’ that loom on the horizon. The union, he proudly declared, stands as an indomitable giant among the trade union pantheon, and he showered praise upon its leadership for orchestrating this monumental seminar, designed to fortify the spirits of its members.

Ajaero left no room for ambiguity, asserting that the seminar’s theme was not just pertinent but utterly vital, as it demanded employers to forge a pact of equitable working conditions for their employees, who are the lifeblood of the nation.

The NLC President showered accolades on the leaders of NUCFRLANMPE for their tireless efforts in securing a bounteous welfare package for its members. He reminded everyone of the grim reality faced by these workers in their daily struggles, where workplace abuse of rights and privileges has become a stark norm. With unparalleled fervor, he recounted the horrors of occupational accidents and exposure to perilous hazards, painting a chilling picture of amputations, mangled body parts, and horrifying deaths reminiscent of the tragic Ikorodu disaster in Lagos.

In his unshakable resolve to advance the cause of the labor force, Ajaero vehemently proclaimed that decent work must be inseparable from fair wages, secure environments, equal opportunities, and the unflinching recognition of human rights at every echelon of the workforce. His words echoed like a rallying cry for a better, safer, and more equitable labor landscape.

With an impassioned plea that sent shockwaves through the audience, Ajaero called for this seminar to serve as a guiding light, an everlasting testament to their unwavering commitment to forging a world where the rights of every worker are upheld and fiercely protected. In his concluding crescendo, he urged, “We are the guardians of our sector’s workers. We must unite and organize with unparalleled vigor, for we shall reduce accidents in our workplaces to a mere shadow of our past.”

In an electrifying show of solidarity, Mr. John Adaji, President of the National Union of Textile Garment and Tailoring Workers, echoed the thunderous sentiment that productive employment and decent work are the twin keys to unlock the gates of poverty reduction. In a clarion call that resonated with the aspirations of a nation, he proclaimed that decent jobs were the cornerstone of achieving the elusive Sustainable Development Goals.

However, Adaji, an unyielding advocate for workers’ rights, implored the participants to channel their collective wisdom into forging profound recommendations on how to harness the power of social dialogue as the mighty catalyst for industrial harmony.

With hearts ablaze and determination unswerving, the NLC and its comrades stand ready to seize their rightful place in the annals of Nigeria’s history, propelling the nation towards prosperity, one fiery declaration at a time.

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Adedeji Egbebi

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