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Wike clashes with media over lavish claims



In a whirlwind of intrigue and explosive claims, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Mr. Nyesom Wike, has ignited a firestorm by vehemently denying sensational reports of a staggering N300 million armored luxury SUV, a vehicle fit for a king.

With the nation’s attention fixated on his every move, Wike pulled back the curtains on a drama that had captured the headlines, delivering a no-holds-barred response that left the media scrambling to regain their footing.

The drama began to unfold after Wike’s visit to the Metro Train Station in Abuja, a moment that should have showcased the FCT Minister’s commitment to revamping the capital’s transport system. However, the spotlight shifted as whispers of opulence and extravagance threatened to overshadow the minister’s official duties. A photograph of a sleek Armored Lexus SUV, bearing the distinguished ‘FCT – 01’ license plate, sent shockwaves through the media landscape.

The Lexus SUV Nyesom Wike used on Wednesday 23/08/2023 while inspecting rail track rehabilitation in Abuja

Reports swirled, asserting that this magnificent marvel of engineering, a masterpiece that reportedly drained more than N300 million from the coffers, was none other than Minister Nyesom Wike’s latest acquisition. Yet, in a dramatic twist, Wike, his voice charged with determination, debunked the claim as nothing more than “mischief.” With barely a few days in office, he emphatically stated that he hadn’t even settled into his ministerial chair, let alone indulged in a luxury SUV shopping spree.

Dressed in unwavering resolve, Wike fired a salvo of truth bombs: “I have seen what is going on in social media, how the FCTA Permanent Secretary bought a bulletproof car of N300 million that I am using.” His words laced with disbelief, he challenged the skeptics to lay their hands on the very car in question, a direct challenge to the veracity of the claims.

With the swagger of someone who knows he holds the truth, Wike presented his weapon of choice: a regular Lexus SUV, a far cry from the alleged luxury armored beast. As cameras clicked, Wike dared journalists to assess the vehicle’s true nature. “Take a look at the car I came with, the one with the flag, and see whether it is a bulletproof car,” he goaded.

But the drama didn’t stop there. A related storyline thrust Wike into the limelight once again, this time battling media claims about plans to demolish thousands of houses across Abuja. The sensational headlines painted a bleak picture of destruction, casting Wike as the harbinger of upheaval. Yet, once more, the minister came out swinging, determined to set the record straight.

The Director of Press in Wike’s office, Mr. Anthony Ogunleye, took the reins, dismissing the claims of impending demolition as “entirely false and without any basis.” The media had been gripped by a frenzy of sensationalism, crafting headlines that threatened the integrity of responsible journalism.

In a fervent defense of the minister’s stance, Ogunleye dissected the sensational headlines, dissecting their flaws and exposing their misrepresentations. “Equally vexing” was the purported statement attributed to Wike, promising to “fix Abuja in 6 days.” With the resolute tone that defined the day, Ogunleye condemned this narrative as pure “mischief,” further fueling the flames of controversy.

The battle lines were drawn, and the minister refused to be held captive by sensational narratives. In a time when truth and accuracy should reign supreme, Wike emerged as a defiant guardian of transparency, shattering the facade of extravagant opulence and standing strong against the waves of sensationalism that threatened to engulf his reputation.

Bolaji Farinloye

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