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Daring heist: Soldier gunned down in shocking robbery ambush



In a jaw-dropping tale of audacious criminality, the streets of Benin bore witness to a heart-pounding tragedy that sent shockwaves through the city.

A fearless soldier met his untimely demise in a chilling robbery attack that unfolded on a seemingly ordinary Wednesday, leaving the nation in a state of disbelief.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting eerie shadows on the First Eastern Circular and Akpakpaba Roads intersection in the heart of Benin, a group of brazen criminals set their sinister plan into motion. Their target? A patrol van, innocently escorting another vehicle laden with ominous “Ghana-Must-Go” bags, rumored to be brimming with cash.

SP Chidi Nwabuzor, the resolute voice of the Edo police, delivered the grim news. The soldier, a symbol of unwavering bravery, was mercilessly cut down by a hail of bullets, his life snuffed out by the callous hands of suspected armed robbers. The ambush was meticulously executed, catching the soldiers off guard, their world spiraling into chaos in an instant.

Eyewitnesses recounted the heart-pounding sequence of events. Four daring assailants, cloaked in the anonymity of an unmarked Toyota Camry, boldly defied traffic norms as they barreled toward their prey, an army vehicle. Like phantoms in the night, two of the attackers disembarked from their vehicle, their fingers itching to pull the triggers of deadly weapons.

Bullets shattered the silence of the night, the soldiers’ instincts driving them to leap from their vehicle to escape the impending onslaught. It was a harrowing escape, and while some made it to safety, fate dealt a cruel hand to one valiant soldier who fell to the relentless gunfire.

The bustling intersection, usually a hub of business activity, stood frozen in terror as the audacious robbery unfolded. The air was thick with tension, and a sense of impending doom hung heavy.

As the dust settled, an air of disbelief swept over the community. The audacity of the attackers left many stunned, and the burning question of how they had received inside information loomed large.

In the wake of this daring heist, the Edo State Police vowed to leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice. An investigation, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, began to unravel the circumstances surrounding this audacious attack. The city of Benin, once a tranquil haven, now grapples with a chilling tale of crime and despair, with the memory of a brave soldier’s sacrifice forever etched into its history.

Usman Aliyu

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