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Nighttime horror as building collapses in Abuja, heroes battle to save lives



In a shocking twist that sent tremors through the heart of Abuja, a two-storey building collapsed like a house of cards under the moonlit sky.

The Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency (FCT FEMA) confirmed the chilling disaster, revealing the terrifying aftermath of chaos and heroism that unfolded on that fateful Wednesday night at Lagos Street, Garki Village.

With emotions running high, Mrs. Nkechi Isa, the fearless voice of FCT FEMA’s Public Affairs division, stepped forward to deliver a haunting account.

The building’s demise left a trail of shattered dreams, with 37 souls miraculously snatched from the jaws of death. But amidst the heart-rending triumphs of rescue, the night was marred by two tragic losses that cast a pall over the heroic efforts.

As the dust of destruction settled, the battle was far from over. In the heart of the rubble-strewn wasteland, a daring rescue operation was underway. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and every second was a race against time. The scene resembled a battleground, with a united front of fearless responders converging from every corner.

The Federal Road Safety Corps and the FCT Command of the Nigerian Police formed an unyielding shield against the tide of devastation.

In the shadows of the disaster, stories of courage emerged. The FCT FEMA Search and Rescue Team, adorned in their heroes’ capes, toiled tirelessly as they awaited the arrival of excavators to intensify their desperate search.

The mission was simple yet laden with life-and-death implications: leave no victim behind. The echoing cries for survivors propelled these heroes onward, as they defied the odds in their quest to extract life from the debris.

Dr. Abbass Iddriss, the stalwart leader at the helm of FCT FEMA, stood as a beacon of strength amidst the chaos. His commendation echoed through the winds of adversity, acknowledging the unwavering resolve of all involved.

From the valiant responders to the members of the community who rallied, each person played a role in this epic battle against time and fate.

As the moon hung high in the sky, witnessing the tragedy and the triumph, the spirit of unity shone through. Heroes emerged from the darkness, determined to rewrite the narrative of despair with a story of resilience, courage, and the indomitable human spirit.

In the heart of the catastrophe, hope was kindled, and the legacy of those who fought to save lives would forever burn brightly.

Philip Yatai

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