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Nigerians set to reap bounty from petrol subsidy exodus, says Minister



Prepare for a seismic shift in fortunes as the dynamic Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Malagi, unveils a revolutionary prophecy: the dawn of a new era where Nigerians will bask in the radiant aftermath of petrol subsidy’s demise.

With the nation collectively holding its breath, Malagi, a figure of influence and authority, ceremoniously declared on a momentous Tuesday that the petals of change are poised to unfurl. Towering in his convictions, he welcomed the illustrious Governor Umar Bago of Niger State to his Abuja sanctuary, where visions of transformation danced in the air.

Behold, the visionary President Bola Tinubu, with an audacious sweep of his leadership, boldly orchestrated the vanquishing of the petrol subsidy demon. Malagi, voice dripping with fervor, intoned that this seismic decision is an elixir for the nation, a tonic for progress.

Bridging hope with reality, Malagi peeled back the curtain, revealing that the Federal Government has already stockpiled wealth from this subsidy liberation. This financial treasure, he revealed, has been generously poured into the states’ coffers, a gesture of salvation designed to soften the economic aftershocks of the subsidy’s departure.

His words, emboldened by a vision of a brighter tomorrow, resonated: “Indeed, the removal of the fuel subsidy stands as a testament to our commitment to Nigeria’s welfare. While the initial sting might linger momentarily, brace yourselves for the dazzling light that will illuminate the path ahead.”

Confidence radiated as Malagi championed the cause of President Tinubu’s administration, a force propelling towards the realization of an eight-priority agenda that promises to write a new chapter in the Nigerian narrative. In a nation pulsating with anticipation, it’s not just petrol prices that are set to soar—the prospects of a transformed Nigeria stand on the precipice of revelation.


Bolaji Farinloye

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