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Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: Phase one triumphantly completed ahead of schedule



In a groundbreaking achievement, the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the lifeline of commerce and travel, has witnessed the miraculous conclusion of its first phase of construction, a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to seamless transportation.

Mrs. Olukorede Kesha, the indomitable Federal Controller of Works for Lagos State, delivered this electrifying news on Tuesday, leaving the nation awestruck. Against all odds, the first phase of this monumental project has been completed and handed over to the masses, ushering in an era of unrestricted traffic flow and smoother journeys.

The visionary leader, Mrs. Kesha, proudly proclaimed that this remarkable milestone was accomplished before the much-anticipated mid-September deadline set by the Minister of Works, the indefatigable Mr. David Umahi. She emphasized that phase one’s primary goal was to breathe life into the vital carriageway, ensuring a harmonious symphony of vehicles and a liberation from the shackles of traffic congestion.

But the saga doesn’t end here. Even as we bask in the glory of phase one’s triumph, the saga continues with phase two. Brace yourselves for the astonishing spectacle that awaits: overhead bridges, pedestrian bridges, and a labyrinthine interchange—all designed to redefine our transportation landscape.

The sheer audacity of this endeavor doesn’t stop at revamping the carriageway; it extends to the repair of the venerable Long Bridge’s battle-worn expansion joints. Yes, dear commuters, these beleaguered joints will soon be cast into history, replaced during the project’s second phase.

To alleviate the discomfort of our valued road users, this approach was ingeniously devised. Meanwhile, the rejuvenation of the Long Bridge’s drains continues unabated. The relentless pursuit of excellence means that nothing will deter this tireless team from crafting a modern marvel for all to behold.

So, fasten your seatbelts, dear Nigerians, for the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation—a journey into a future where traffic jams are a relic of the past, and smooth, unimpeded voyages reign supreme!

Grace Alegba

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