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Naira Marley breaks his silence: ‘I am innocent, justice will prevail!’



In a startling twist to the tragic tale of Mohbad’s untimely death, Naira Marley, the renowned singer and songwriter, has emerged from the shadows to clear his name.

Taking to his verified Instagram handle, Naira Marley addressed the swirling allegations with a fervent defense.

The music industry was rocked by Mohbad’s passing, and amidst the grief, Naira Marley found himself embroiled in a web of unfounded accusations. He began by expressing his profound shock and sorrow over the tragic loss of Mohbad, whom he considered not just a signee but a brother.

But what’s even more shocking is the onslaught against Naira Marley’s reputation. He lashed out at the torrent of falsehoods and threats that have been aimed at him in the wake of Mohbad’s death. He categorically denied any involvement in Mohbad’s demise, directly or indirectly.

Naira Marley opened a window into the dynamics of the music industry, highlighting that disagreements and misunderstandings are not uncommon, even amongst close-knit music families. He vehemently denied that their conflicts ever escalated to the extent portrayed by certain hired individuals.

He stressed that they were in the process of legally resolving their business disputes when the tragedy occurred. Having chosen to remain silent initially out of grief and to avoid jeopardizing any ongoing investigations, Naira Marley is now stepping forward to face the allegations head-on.

Despite being abroad since August 31, 2023, he’s making arrangements to return to Nigeria and assist in the investigations, fully cooperating with the authorities. He has absolutely no reason to evade the law, as he’s vehemently proclaiming his innocence.

Naira Marley boldly declared that he’s certain that the real culprits behind Mohbad’s death are using him as a scapegoat. He firmly believes that the truth will ultimately come to light, unveiling the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

In the midst of this turmoil, Naira Marley asserted that he had never been a drug lord and was not involved in any occultic group. Additionally, he clarified that he had never fought with Mohbad nor instructed anyone to bully him.

He addressed the rumors surrounding his label, Marlian Music, refuting claims of it being a drug cartel. Instead, he portrayed Marlian Music as a legitimate label dedicated to nurturing exceptional talent.

With a heavy heart, Naira Marley extended his deepest condolences to Mohbad’s family. He called on everyone to support the authorities in their quest for justice by providing relevant information and evidence. He reiterated his commitment to proving his innocence.

The truth, he believes, will prevail, and he is fully prepared to honor Mohbad’s memory and support his family. With lawyers already in contact with the police and government agencies, Naira Marley is determined to clear his name and put this tragic chapter to rest.

As the investigation continues to unfold, the world watches with bated breath to see justice served and the true circumstances of Mohbad’s death revealed.

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Bolaji Farinloye

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