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Brave Police foil kidnap attempt on media tycoon in Nigeria




In a sensational twist of fate, the sunlit streets of Ila-Orangun, Osun State transformed into a battleground as vigilant police operatives thwarted a nefarious kidnap plot targeting the Chairman of Orisun Igbomina Broadcasting Network, Mr. Ayodele Agboola.

As the clock approached 3:30 pm, an audacious ambush unfolded along the treacherous Ajaba Road. Hoodlums, driven by sinister motives, schemed to ensnare the media entrepreneur. However, they underestimated the indomitable spirit of Ayodele Agboola and the unyielding guardians of law and order assigned to protect him.

Ayodele Agboola

The audacious assailants attempted to employ a motorcycle as their tool of obstruction, hoping to halt Agboola’s convoy and execute their sinister plan. But they reckoned without the fearless security personnel who, in a heart-pounding sequence of events, swooped in, thwarting the malevolent scheme and sending the assailants fleeing, their treacherous plans in tatters.

Moments after the heart-stopping encounter, Ayodele Agboola stood before journalists, his voice laden with shock and determination. With steely resolve, he called upon our tireless security agents to delve into the depths of this audacious escapade, to expose the sinister minds behind it.

In a startling revelation, this philanthropist and security consultant disclosed the harrowing details of the ambush. On that fateful day, he was returning from a routine visit to the construction site of Orisun Igbomina Broadcasting Network, nestled in the Oke Irorun area. It was then that a group of individuals armed with mystic charms and an array of perilous weapons attempted to seize him in an ambush of malevolence.

Yet the drama didn’t end there. Darkness descended, and the struggle for justice intensified. A fearless team of detectives descended upon the Oke Ede sector of Ila, determined to unearth the malefactors. But these criminals, emboldened by desperation, struck back. Armed with guns, cutlasses, knives, and bottles, they launched a brutal assault on the officers. It was an all-out battle between the forces of justice and those of darkness.

As the dust settled, six suspects found themselves in the unyielding clutches of the Anti-Kidnapping Squad of the Nigeria Police. This is far more than a mere incident; it’s a tale of audacious courage, relentless determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice. The saga continues to unfold, promising an electrifying narrative that will captivate the nation.

Bolaji Erigbemi

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