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McEnies partners UK Met Office to tackle Nigeria’s flood crisis



In a groundbreaking alliance set to rewrite the future of Nigeria’s battle against perennial flooding, McEnies Global Communications has clinched an exclusive contract with the prestigious UK Met Office.

This seismic collaboration, sponsored by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), promises to usher in a new era of communication strategies to combat the watery wrath that has plagued Nigeria for years.

The project, touted as a game-changer, will unite various vital government agencies, including NIMET, NASRDA, NIHSA, NEMA, and more, in a concerted effort to harness the power of cutting-edge communication. Alongside intensive desk-based research and consultations, the dream team will co-create a suite of advanced communication tools and protocols tailored to the most vulnerable flood-prone states and communities, including Bayelsa, Lagos, Kebbi, Oyo, Kogi, and beyond. Their mission: empower these communities to make life-altering decisions.

This endeavor is no flash in the pan; it’s a six-month commitment that will cast its protective net over all 36 states of Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

During this period, McEnies Global Communications will employ its unparalleled expertise to liaise with Nigeria’s local media on every conceivable platform. They will orchestrate high-stakes engagements with government delegates and indispensable agencies that hold the keys to this ambitious project’s success.

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan

In a show of sheer national pride, McEnies Global Communications, a trailblazing Nigerian company with a sterling reputation in strategic, integrated marketing services and digital marketing, secured this extraordinary deal with FCDO and the UK Met Office in September 2023. The confirmation is in, and it’s official.

The UK Met Office, renowned for its meteorological predictions spanning the spectrum from weather forecasts to climate change, is the powerhouse behind this initiative. The collaboration is nothing short of a meteorological marvel in the making.

Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, the visionary CEO of McEnies Global Communications, couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she discussed this monumental achievement. She emphasized that this milestone was a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to providing innovative communication solutions that bridge the gap between Nigeria and the global stage.

“Nigeria, as one of the biggest economies in sub-Saharan Africa, is a hotbed of opportunities for a forward-thinking communication firm like McEnies Global Communications. Our global network advantages, combined with our local professional services expertise, will propel us to craft communication protocols that can finally stave off the relentless tide of flooding in Nigeria. This mission is not just about saving lives; it’s about creating a new dialogue and delivering the right message in a language that resonates with the most vulnerable segments of society. Our integrity, moral rectitude, and unwavering pursuit of excellence will be the bedrock of our journey,” she declared.

This historic moment marks McEnies Global Communications’ ascent to a new zenith, validating their dedication and expertise. As they expand the horizons of integrated marketing communication, this trailblazing company will break down barriers, unlock boundless opportunities, and ensure customer satisfaction, all while upholding the highest industry standards and global best practices. The revolution is here, and McEnies is leading the charge!

Abiodun Adelowokan

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