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Over 3,985 trainees graduate from ETS training programmes



The Managing Director  of Equilog Technical Service  (ETS), Mr Aaron Iyama has said that over 3,985 trainees  graduated  from out various training programmes to become expert as Crane, Forklift,  Excavator and container handling operators.

Mr Aaron Iyama said this during the ” 49th Graduation Ceremony and Awards presentation recently in Lagos that ” that we are unveiling the 49th batch of graduates from our training programme today. This batch has a total of 85 trainees,  cumulative figures of 3,985 trainees.
At Equilog, we are a team of technical service providers in the heavy equipment industry. We are on a mission to provide technologically driven solutions and empowerment by imparting employable skills and technical training that enhance growth and productivity in the heavy equipment space, Mr Aaron  said.
He further explained that “In our over 12 twelve years of entering the market, we have been able to successfully train personnel for both corporate and individual clients across Nigeria”.
  This is due to strong appeal of our services which has endeared us to a number of corporate organisations in the construction, mining, port and terminal operations, he explained.
These partners have benefitted immensely from our training in form of refresher training module targeted at updating personnel skills in cargo handling and safety of heavy machinery, he said.
At Equilog, all trainees, who range from School Certificate holders to Degree holders, do not need to have engineering background as the training programme has been designed based on 20% theory and 80% practical approach that ensures proficiency, using work-based learning structure and instructors who have garnered combined experiences ranging from 5 to 30 Res in the heavy equipment industry, Mr Aaron stated.
Let me place on record that this result is achieved within one (1) to three (3) months, depending on the programme of choice.  For instance, the Forklift training lasts for 3weeks, truck driving lasts for 8weeks while Crane training lasts for 10weeks.
Without mincing words, our experience in the market has shown that the role of Equiplog is key in the industrialisation of Nigeria: and we are well positioned to play that role.
Our training and skill acquisition programme is one way of investing in the youth of our dear nation thereby helping to combat unemployment, crimes and poverty.  Therefore implore stakeholders to partner with us in delivering employable up to date skills that will drive our economy in the heavy equipment sector, Mr Aaron explained.


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