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BREAKING: Ibadan explosion shrouded in mystery as Police keep casualty figures under wraps



In a chilling turn of events, the Oyo State Police Command has confirmed a shocking explosion in Dejo Oyelese Street, Bodija area of Ibadan, the state capital. However, the exact toll of casualties remains a haunting enigma, intensifying the air of uncertainty and fear in the city.

The command revealed that there had been an extensive deployment of police personnel to prevent any potential breakdown of law and order in the aftermath of the explosion. The situation has sent shockwaves through the community, with residents grappling with the unknown.

Initial reports surfaced from concerned residents who witnessed the aftermath, with online videos capturing the devastation – a dusty cloud looming over burning houses and cars. A University of Ibadan student, recounting the traumatic experience, emphasized, “We all heard the sound, and it was very loud. The cloud is cloudy with smoke. It happened at Bodija, and we in the UI area could see the smoke. Even those at Sango and Ojo heard the sound. In fact, we are all in a room scared for our life.”

Motunrayo Adegboro, residing 15 minutes away from the blast site, further confirmed the incident, adding to the growing concern and chaos unfolding in Ibadan.

In response to the alarming situation, the spokesperson for the state command, DSP Adewale Osifeso, delivered a terse message, stating, “Explosion around Dejo Oyelese Street Bodija Ibadan at 7:44 pm today, Tuesday 17/01/2024. The cause of the explosion is unknown. Number of dead and injured is yet unknown as the search continues. The Oyo State Police Command has ample deployment to forestall any breakdown of law and order. Updates coming up soon.”

As the city awaits further updates, the veil of uncertainty surrounding the explosion deepens, keeping the residents on edge and anxious about the unfolding tragedy.

Kayode Adelowokan

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